Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892, Hamilton is headquartered in Switzerland. Using its American spirit combined with Swiss watch craftsmanship, Hamilton has been for producing stylish and dependable timepieces. Known for designs that replicate designs from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, Hamilton watches have a heritage that is American. According […]

This watch makes a reliable and stylish timepiece

Certainly the most energetic piece among this group, this Gaga Milano Manuale watch is acceptable for those who need a pop of colour within their wardrobe. Its white casing dial features a splash of colors through its hour mark. Driven with a Swiss-made quartz movement, this view is completed by […]

For those who love large dials, this brand is very ...

Panerai started for the Royal Navy that was Italian. After years of support in supplying watches to Navy officers, Panerai finally introduced its first set for the general public. Back in 1943, its chronograph was released by Panerai. For this day, Panerai’s chronographs carry craftsmanship and exactly the elegance as […]

This watch provides much-needed portability and comfort.

Can you happen to have a love for elegance and high-quality watch motions? If so, then the Omega De Ville is a fantastic alternative for you. For years, Omega De Ville has symbolised unique craftsmanship and luxury. Omega releases De Ville watches with upgrades from De Ville luxury watches in […]

Omega De Ville has always symbolized luxury and extraordinary craftsmanship

Two new RailRoad timepieces join Hamilton’s deep-rooted heritage of transport timekeeping with technology and design that love to access undiscovered territories. The RailRoad Auto Chrono has a coiled length of course adapting a tachymeter, while the RailRoad Small Second includes a brand new propriety movement constituting an eye-catching dial design. […]

Hamilton RailRoad Auto Chrono review

Rolex As you can imagine, we had high expectations for them in the Baselworld 2018. True to their slogan –‘a crown for every achievement’ — that the Rolex GMT Master II deserves a steel crown. Fans waited wanting to see the features of the men watch that was new. We […]

Every Rolex watch never ceases to surprise us with its ...

This is among the functions of the timepiece. So to speak, the edges of the bezel provide an superb grip, especially once you wear your gloves. The bezel is also rotatable and using a calibration that is 60-minutes. Divers can monitor their submersion time and decompression stops with precision and […]

The “Flashy” Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV review

In sporting — whether it is racing, running, ball, or water games, there is a chronograph watch one of those items that are essential. This chronograph attribute is superlatively within various Breitling watches, for example, A13341C3/C893 Superocean Steelfish watch. It runs with a 25-jewel. With the big numerals and the […]

this Superocean Chronograph Steelfish Blue Steel

Chopard is famous for producing watches that break the standard in a way that no one expects. They be able to do this in the most beautiful way although they tend to produce designs which are that you see in watches that are typical. This particular watch is a fine […]

Chopard is famous for creating watches that break the rules.

Fabrizio Buonamassi’s job is particularly challenging — because the individual responsible for the BVLGARI watch designs, he juggles the need for invention and the preserving the brand’s tradition, together with the Italian talent for design and Swiss know-how and technology capacity. The watches are created in Switzerland. He asked him […]

A Padani moments interview with the chief watch designer of ...

If Rolex has been asked to craft the perfect dive watch, something happened in 1954. That something was that the birth of one of the most iconic chronograph watches created by Rolex: that the Submariner. Before it turned into a James Bond accessory it was a beautiful watch from the […]

Rolex Submariner it is just a functional watch, not a ...

The Portofino Chronograph choice has around seven watch versions that are distinct, with each featuring a dial. Not only that, but each of these models come with stainless steel necklaces or alligator leather straps to better their cosiness. While IWC has many watch variations, their pilot’s watch collection is like […]

IWC has many watch styles and many versions