Rolex GMT Master II with black-blue bezel and black DLC case

Personally, the GMT Master II with black and blue Cerachrom bezel is one of my favorite current production Rolex watches. And while I could never see paying extra money to coat it with a DLC treatment that effectively devalues the timepiece, and voids the factory warranty. The blacked out GMT Master II looks pretty badass, especially with the black and blue ceramic bezel.

Rolex-GMT-Master-II-Black-and-Blue.jpg Rolex GMT Master II Black and Blue Ceramic bezel, introduced at Baselworld 2013 (Ref. 116710BLNR)

Similar to Bamford, Ember Watches takes a factory Rolex and turns the 904L stainless steel surface to black with their own special coating. According to Ember, their process involves staining, polishing, sand-blasting and pearl-blasting the surface to achieve the black color. They can also customize the dial.



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