The skeleton watch also has a characteristic that it is thin

The skeleton watch also has a characteristic that it is thin, so thin that it makes the movement of the plywood and mechanical components not messy, the front plate and the back cover are all transparent sapphire surface, flip back and forth to appreciate the play, this is the skeleton watch The role should be.
Not all skeleton watches are good, many domestic brands are imitating the skeleton movement, but whether it is texture or appreciation is very regrettable, the skeleton movement must have a very superb technician to the movement structure performance After rigorous design, you can know which ones need to be carved and which can not be carved
otherwise, a skeleton will damage the three-point movement, and the effort will not please everyone. The hollowing, polishing, decorative splint bone surface, and plating of the movement splint require a rigorous watchmaking spirit and superb watchmaking technology. A good mens skeleton watch, while giving everyone the appreciation of the artistic beauty of the mechanical movement, also needs to protect the good performance of the movement, after all, it needs to be durable and good-looking.