A Detailed Reviews Of Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch

A Total Reviews Of Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch

There is no doubt that Movado watches have inserted in people’s daily life because of its novel design,elegant appearances and kinds of functions. Achille Ditesheim was 19 when he first started creating Movado watches in 1881 from his small workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Although at the time the business was simply known as “Ditesheim Watches” and continued to be known by that name until Achille partnered with his brothers Leopold and Isidore a few years later. This partnership then led to the creation of the LAI (Leopold Achille Isidore) Ditesheim brand name in the process. The company changed its name to Movado in 1905, taking the name from an Esperanto word which means “continuous movement” and based on the artistic flow in the design of any Ditesheim watch this new brand name made perfect sense.
A Total Reviews Of Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch
In their first 100 odd years of being in business Movado was responsible for 100 patents and over 200 International awards and their timepieces can also be found in more than 20 different museums all over the globe, particularly the models known specifically as the “Museum” watch. Currently employing in excess of 1300 people Movado continue to go from strength-to-strength manufacturing designer watches under their own brand name but also for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and several others major fashion brands.

Bangle Watch. The first and most obvious thing you’ll notice about this wrist watch is that it’s obviously designed for the female market, although Movado do also manufacture men’s watches of course. It’s also highly unlikely that you’re going to find many men wearing a slender, gold-plated bangle watch on their wrist but if they do at least they understand that wearing a Movado is a statement of style regardless. Movado were also quite clever in designing this watch in this fashion because the wrist watch being styled like a bangle instantly transforms this from being “just a watch” to a piece of jewelry instead. In fact when this watch is fastened properly on your wrist at first glance it could quite easily pass for this gold bangle bracelet because Movado watch styling is very subtle and the watch face being devoid of almost any features means that it, quite literally, blends into the rest of the body of the watch.

Swiss Accuracy. The Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa Gold-Tone Stainless-Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch features a Swiss-quartz movement so you’re assured of not only very accurate timekeeping but trouble-free usage of this bangle bracelet watch also. Unlike more complex purely mechanical watches a Swiss-quartz movement requires very little maintenance and except for replacing the watch battery every few years you won’t have very much to worry about. Plus coupled with the fact that Movado have been manufacturing elegant and premium-priced Swiss watches for over 130 years means that you’re investing in a watch that has been manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Gold-Tone Finish. The Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa is referred to as a “gold-tone” watch and what this means is that both the watch case and bracelet band are actually manufactured from stainless steel, which has then been coated with 18K gold, giving it a luxury watch appearance without the resulting case of luxury watch sticker shock. Taking that into account the finish on this timepiece is absolutely superb and instead of looking like some gaudy gold timepiece the gold-plating gives this gold bangle bracelet a very subdued but intensely stylish look about it.

  Movado Styling. In a design age where we’ve moved from Art Deco, to futuristic, to post-modern and back again to retro styling people are watching personal possessions age almost overnight but Movado have circumvented this problem by keeping their watch designs as understated as possible. So for example this bangle bracelet has a simple and quite plain black dial and one single gold dot in the 12 o’clock position on the dial – there are no other numerals present. The watch hands are also a very simple affair, also finished in gold plating, and the watch dial and hands are protected by a layer of tough and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. On paper this wrist watch sounds almost “boring” but one glance at this watch bracelet in the flesh will change your mind and the simplicity of the Movado styling means your watch will never simply age overnight – Movado set trends, not follows them.

Color Choices. The Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa Gold-Tone Stainless-Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch is available in the gold-tone style reviewed here but you purchase it in two-tone and a solid 18K gold finish too if you want, some of these other variants being studded with diamonds also.This gold bangle bracelet is also water resistant to 99 feet (30 meters) but always bear in mind that taking a watch worth several hundred dollars into a swimming pool, the shower or the ocean is never a good idea. This is a dress watch or evening watch so please treat it accordingly.

In my view,for a bangle watch in this price range the presentation box could be better appointed.This is a watch which can be suitable for  your wife, girlfriend or partner will love but please do bear in mind that in some societies and cultures buying a watch for a woman is the next closest thing to buying them an engagement ring. This is not just a watch but it can be bracelet for women. Make sure that woman you love dearly understands that although Movado Women’s 604758 Amorosa Gold-Tone Stainless-Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch is a stunning timepiece it most certainly is not an engagement ring.