A Growth of Actions Omega 2500 & 8500 Calibers


The Omega Quality 2500 was produced by Omega inside the 19 nineties. In 1993, Omega bought the patent for your Co-Axial escapement from British master watchmaking company and inventor George Daniels. The Co-Axial Escapement was the initial practical new mechanical watch escapement invented for commercially made in 250 years. Omega began attempt to fit the Co-Axial Escapement for his or her Cal. 1120 movement. The 1120 was basically a decorated type of reliable Eta 2892-A2 movement. Omega spent the next six years developing and improving the movement to match and use the bigger escapement. In 1999 Omega released their first watches for the public while using Omega Cal. 2500.


The Co-Axial escapement has two escape wheels mounted together to create the torque however spring. Since you will find two wheels working together with added jewels, there’s less friction. Forget about exist two jewels sliding over the teeth of basically one wheel, however they are three that merely catch the benefit in the teeth on two wheels. This means less friction inside the escapement, thus, for a longer period between services.

Omega has develop a short informative video which is worth your concentrate on better understand why innovation.

Omega 8500 Quality

In 2007, Omega launched the De Ville Hour Vision Chronometer while using Cal. 8500. All 202 components specified for and produced through the organization’s courses.

The Omega 8500 Quality family was produced in-house by Omega around an altered Co-Axial escapement to totally optimize its potential. The Co-Axial escapement organ is 13% bigger plus much more efficient inside the bigger space acquired in it. It’ll get its energy from twin mainspring barrels. The barrels are DLC (Gem-like carbon) covered inside to reduce friction and possess been examined to simulate over 10 years helpful with little placed on effect for the DLC. 60 manual rotations in the crown fully wind both mainsprings. The “hand-wound” barrel without slip clutch is wound first, your “automatic’ barrel with slip clutch. Both your hands wound barrel after some more torque unwinds first prior to the automatic barrel quickly jumps straight into with each other energy the escapement. The bi-directional winding rotor remains renovated making it so efficient it winds while using littlest wrist motion which is almost inaudible. The movement is decorated getting an attractive -Cotes p Geneve en Arabesque.

Other improvements include: 14 leaf meshing pinion versus 8 leaf round the 2500, Nivarox Anachon balance Spring, Zircon Oxide rotor pivot jewels, enhanced Nivachoc shock absorber, and enormous transverse balance bridge. Since 2011 the 8500/8501 is actually fitted while using more stable plastic Si14 balance springs. The older versions will probably be progressively upgraded to Si14 balance springs at service.

Omega has accomplished its honorable mission of making several calibers that are very reliable, have highly accurate rates and possess longer intervals between needed services.


While using 8500 calibers, Omega developed everything across the Co-Axial escapement instead of making the Co-Axial use existing actions. Omega first designed the right Co-Axial and merely your relaxation in the movement. Triggered with this is the Co-Axial escapement inside the 8500, besides from also being bigger, is actually totally different from the last Co-Axials in many ways.

The disposable-sprung balance is much, far nearer to the mathematical ideal because it does not have a very regulator disturbing the spring. It will help wonderful kinds of stability, including, clearly, positional stability.


The escapement is in contact with the quantity for just about any far shorter period enabling lots of balance’s swing to get free of interference, once again far closer to the mathematical ideal. (This, clearly, might also decrease the aftereffect of position).