A Total Reviews Of Omega Men’s 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch

A Total Reviews Of Omega Men’s 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch

As the society developing., the brand watches have becomed an essential part in our daily life.It brings many convenience for us.The world of Swiss watch making was changed forever when the Omega brand name became part of that industry in the 1800s. Originally just operating under the Brandt (named after the founder Louis Brandt) name it was only later when the business moved from the north of Switzerland to Biel/Bienne that the company released their Omega range of watches and then adopted this same nomenclature as the brand name for the company as a whole. At the same time of the business move Omega also decided to manufacture their watch range 100% in-house and to not rely on external artisans at all. It was from that point onwards that Omega began their almost complete domination of the Swiss watch market.

Omega are famous in more ways than one and the fact that they’ve been used as the official timepiece of the Olympic Games since 1932 and were also the only watch to pass flight testing for the Apollo and Gemini space program is a testament to how sturdy these watches actually are. In more recent years the Omega range of watches has also become the watch of choice for superspy James Bond with Daniel Craig sporting Omega timepieces in the latest Bond movies. In short Omega watches are incredibly popular with most professional bodies and people from literally all walks of life.

A Total Reviews Of  Omega Men’s 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch
Extreme Environment Construction. When considering investing in an Omega it’s worth remembering that the Omega range of watches were the first to pass qualification testing for use in the NASA space program. This means an Omega is designed to work in the most harsh environments you can imagine, both on and off our planet. So when you look at a Omega 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean you know you’re getting a watch that can deal with the rigors of modern life and all the punishment our planet can throw at it, including being water-resistant at depths of up to 2000 feet for example; far in excess of many other watches of this type.

Omega Heritage. With some things in life it just makes more sense to go with what you know and when it comes to buying a high quality Swiss watch you know you’ll not put a foot wrong by buying an Omega branded watch. Omega watches have a history stretching back over 150 years and every Omega watch you see is the results of over 15 decades of experience, innovation and craftsmanship. In short you simply won’t be disappointed when you buy an Omega watch. The Omega 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean is also a C.O.S.C certified chronograph so your watch is a genuine, certified chronograph in more than just name.

Automatic Movement. The Omega 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean has an automatic movement which means that the watch itself is powered by the movement of your wrist, which is an incredible feat in and of itself. There are other reasons for favoring an automatic movement on a watch such as never having to worry about winding it and you’re also sporting a watch which is extremely friendly to the environment because you’ll never have to replace the battery in your watch. Owning a watch with an automatic movement will require that the watch undergo maintenance at least every few years but this is a small price to pay for the fact that you never have to wind your timepiece.

Omega Styling. The Omega 2200.50.00 Seamaster has very typical and very classic Omega styling so you’ll see the standard stainless steel finish and a jet black dial. The dial itself also features the Superluminova technology which allows you to read the time in the dark or at depths when you’re diving. This watches features a domed sapphire-crystal dial window protecting the inner workings of your watch and it’s also scratch-resistant so you won’t need to worry about the view of your watch becoming obscured through normal wear and tear.

The bezel on this watch has fluted edges so it provides a better grip through gloved hands during a dive, which is a real boon for any diver. On top of that the case back is engraved with a Hippocamp (a type of sea horse), a mythical Greek creature which is a very ornate addition to the overall design of this watch. The watch dial also features a red-tipped luminous seconds hand and seconds indexes and a date display too of course.

A Total Reviews Of  Omega Men’s 2200.50.00 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch
Color Choices. The Omega 2200.50.00 Seamaster is available exclusively in a stainless steel finish.

In a word, th is is a large watch so may not be suitable perhaps for smaller hands or a narrower wrist as it’s also physically heavy.This luxury watch is out of the price range of most people.If you’re looking for a Swiss watch that will function equally as well as a dress watch or a deep dive watch then the Omega 2200.50.00 Seamaster is worthy of your consideration. After all when you’re buying Omega you’re assured of the kind of quality you simply won’t get with watches from lesser manufacturers.

It’s hard to ignore anyone wearing an Omega Heritage after all!