Another Ulysse Nardin that does not resemble the Nebuchadnezzar

Named after Ulysse Nardin’s son, Paul David, who took control of the company after his death in 1876, the new Classico Paul David Nardin is based on a 1945 timepiece from the company’s archives.

Fittingly, it measures 39 mm in diameter, is made of stainless steel, has baton hands, Arabic numerals, along with a small seconds display at 6 o’clock. All specifications that give it a classic appearance. In fact, the design is akin to the 1964 retro Ulysse Nardin timepiece that we covered last week.


It even has the same automatic caliber UN-320 in-house movement and the logo featuring the brand name in flat black print with a raised, silvered anchor motif applied directly to the dial.


Most importantly, it does not look like the Nebuchadnezzar spaceship from the movie the Matrix. Why is that important? Well, considering how many Ulysse Nardin timepieces do, it is a nice change of pace and pays tribute to the brand’s heritage as opposed to being something that Morpheus might wear.


The retail price is $9500, which is quite high, but at least it caters to a totally different market. Learn more at Ulysse Nardin.