Apple Second Generation Smartwatch Review : Apple Watch Series 2

Let’s get to know the Apple Watch Series 2.

Now featuring water resistance down to 50 meters, built-in GPS, a 2X brighter display, faster dual-core processors, and the latest watchOS 3 – the new Series 2 is available starting today in most markets. The Apple Watch Hermès will be available later this month and the Apple Nike Watch+ will be available in October.



The new S2 chip with dual-core processor makes the Apple Watch up to 50 percent faster, along with a new GPU that delivers up to 2X better graphics performance. The screen is brighter too, at 1,000 nits, it is twice as bright, and according to Apple, it is the brightest display Apple has ever shipped on any device.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is available in lightweight aluminum starting at $369. The prices start at $549 for the stainless steel models. And now, Apple has nixed the solid gold Watch Edition in favor of a new ceramic model with the same name that starts at $1249. The Apple Watch Hermès will be $1149, and the Apple Watch Nike+ will be $369. Apple is also re-issuing an updated version of the original called Apple Watch Series 1, which notably, has the new dual-core processor and GPU, starting at $269. Buy the Apple Watch HERE.


All these improvements surely make the watch even more viable, however – even though there is now a built-in GPS that allows runners to take the watch running without needing a phone – the watch is still heavily reliant on an iPhone being in close proximity. That said, according to Apple’s calculations, the Apple Watch was already the #2 watch producer in the world based on revenue in 2015, according to a Vontobel Worldwide Watch Study, conducted in April 2016.



The launch and the worldwide revenue stats tell us a few things. One, Apple is dominating the lower end of the watch market, which is surely encroaching on the likes of companies such as Fossil and Casio. Two, Apple terminated sales and production of their ridiculous seventeen thousand dollar solid gold Apple Watch Edition in favor of a more durable and affordable ceramic model costing a fraction of the aforementioned watch’s price.



Barring an additional Apple Watch announcement, this tells us they think there is no feasibility in going after the actual luxury watch market. And that they are clearly going after the lower end watch market such as quartz and entry level mechanicals, and of course, the entire fitness tracker/smartwatch/wearable market.

Clearly, even though there are many critics, the Apple Watch is not going away anytime soon. It is doing fine, and presumably, by the third generation it will finally be able to make calls – autonomously – without an iPhone.