Baselworld: The New Triple Sensor Pro Trek (aka “Pathfinder”) by Casio

At Baselworld 2013, Casio launched multiple new Pro Trek models, but today we will discuss the new Triple Sensor Ver 3. model – the PRW-3000. Previously called “Pathfinder”, the “Pro Trek” is the new name for Casio’s popular collection of outdoor/exploring wristwatches.

The Pro Trek PRW-3000 has Casio’s newest Triple Sensor Ver 3. tough solar powered atomic quartz movement. For 2013, the movement is now smaller, consumes less energy, it has improved measurement accuracy (down to 1 meter accuracy on the altimeter, for example – which is really good compared to the competition and even when comparing previous Pro Treks/Pathfinders). The case has been redesigned and is more ergonomic, sleek and better looking.

Additionally, the PRW-3000 features 6-band atomic radio-controlled calibration system called “Waveceptor” which allows you to connect to the closest of 6 worldwide atomic clocks for the utmost in timekeeping precision. You typically have to be within 1,800 miles of one of the atomic clocks (Japan has 2, China has 1, Germany has 1, London has 1 and the US has 1), and you have to have a clear view of the sky, and if you do – your watch will automatically set itself to the correct time (even if you do not have a good signal the watch is still highly accurate and can be manually set). There is a new barometric pressure tendency alarm, which has been installed to alert wearers of any notable change, such as a sudden drop or rise in barometric pressure (which might, for example, let a hiker know of an impending storm, giving time to find cover and better prepare).

Being a Pathfinder, I mean Pro Trek, this watch, of course, has the prerequisite digital compass, altimeter, barometer/thermometer and timekeeping functions. And now, as I mentioned above, these functions are more accurate. Not only is the altimeter more accurate, but so are the timekeeping functions.

Another new added detail are three function icons on the inner ring of the dial which coincide with the “ALT/BARO/COMP” labels on the outside ring. This is just small detail that makes selecting what function you want to use, that much more intuitive. Furthermore, the three respective function buttons have been redesigned and are now constructed is solid metal, treated with an anti-slip material and they have been enlarged to permit easy operation, even while wearing gloves.

The case is made of impact resistant resin in a variety of color combinations. The strap made of a soft urethane for a supple fit, and a high level of stretch-resitance. Water-resistance is 100 meters. It will be available at retailers beginning in March or June 2013.



Overall, Casio has done a good job of modernizing one of their best watch collections, while maintaining a price that impossible to beat.