Casio Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with Limited Edition G-Shocks


The first G-Shock, the DW-5000C-1A, designed by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe, was released in April of 1983. The G-Shock design has mostly stayed the same over the years, which considering its unmistakable look, is a good thing. G-Shocks have long been known for their digital display and sporty shock resistance design, and although in recent years they have introduced upgrades and innovations such as solar power, atomic timekeeping, analog displays and even an electronic crown – they are still best known for their distinctive large shock resistance resin cases and digital displays.

To celebrate G-Shock’s upcoming 30th Anniversary (2013), Casio has released limited edition models of the best selling styles, all with red gloss or matte red finishes. Each piece features a special case back engraved with a “30th Anniversary” logo designed by graffiti artist Eric Haze.

Of the five models being released, the most notable are the Ref. GW-M5630A-4 (shown above), which is a throwback to the first G-Shock, and the Frogman model Ref. GWFT103A-1 (shown below), which is the most feature rich. It comes in a case made of titanium with gloss-red highlights, equipped with a Tough Solar powered and radio-controlled Multi-Band 6 Atomic quartz movement.


Retail $500 (The four G-Shocks – top of page), $1,700 (Frogman Titanium LE – bottom of page)