Chanel new skeleton watch series

Since establishing its watch-making division back in 1987, Chanel has steadily emerged as one of the best names in the area of luxury timepieces. With celebrity wearers including Angelina Jolie and Kirsten Dunst, it is little wonder that the maker’s watches are now highly sought after status symbols.
Although traditionally connected with women’ and unisex versions, Chanel have recently branched out by designing committed men’s models too, raising the anticipation of new releases from the brand. In this guide, we have a closer look at a few of the new models the firm showcased at this year’s Baselworld Fair. Premiere Camellia Skeleton Caliber two
Chanel’s foray to the watch-making field started with the release of this Premiere and this year marks the version’s 30th anniversary. To observe, the brand has published a new version of the rectangular watch, featuring a skeletonized dial. The new release can be found in standard, diamond set and completely diamond set options.

Chanel watches

All these versions are powered with the second exclusive in-house movement made by Chanel watches, which will be known as Caliber 2. The motion has been carefully made, together with skeletonized bridges spiraling outwards from it, creating the central dial pattern, which looks like a Camellia blossom.
One of the most interesting new releases comes from the form of the Mademoiselle J12, that is Chanel’s playful take on the timeless Snoopy Watch produced by Timex from the late 1960s. On this, a cartoon version of Coco Chanel is positioned in the center of the dial, with the figure’s arms serving as the watch hands.
Apart from the unique centerpiece, the watch is very much what you would expect from a J12 model. It has a round case shape, is unisex, provides water resistance for up to 200 meters and has a 42 hour power reserve. Black or white ceramic versions are available in limited edition, with 555 of every model being introduced to the general public.Monsieur De Chanel Limited Edition Platinum

Chanel wristwatch

Without question, the biggest Chanel wristwatch release of 2016 was the Monsieur De Chanel, which was the brand’s first ever dedicated men’s wristwatch. This season, the collection has obtained a brand new addition in the kind of a platinum version, using a”Grand Feu” enamel dial.
As with last year’s models, the new Monsieur De Chanel is powered with the on site Caliber 1 motion and boasts an impressive 72 hour power reserve. The watch itself features a perfectly round case and also two notable complications — an instant-jumping hours indicator and a minute indicator — along with a more conventional seconds sub-dial. Mademoiselle Privé Aubazine Décor
Finally, Chanel additionally utilized Baselworld 2017 to unveil a new addition to their own Mademoiselle Privé collection, which pays tribute to meaningful symbols in the life of Gabrielle Chanel. In the case of the Aubazine Décor model, its design was inspired by the stained glass windows of Aubazine abbey, where she spent time as a kid.
The dial of the watch has a gorgeous pattern, including a stained glass window, while the bezel is adorned with precious diamonds. The case itself has a perfectly round shape, while the dial features only a minutes and and hours , adding a feeling of simplicity to the beautiful timepiece.