Citizen Eco-Drive the Nova Concept Watch

This excellent watch is caused by many years of research by CITIZEN. This Japanese brand has been known for creating watches with Eco-Drive movement which are photo voltaic powered for several years. The timepiece consumes light and releases its very own sparkle, developing a quite interesting visual experience for that individual. It converts light to energy not only to energy the timepiece but also to emit the sunshine by itself. The Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept watch is available in black and whitened version. This Nova watch works by quarta movement that operates on batteries that need not be changed. The rechargeable battery within the Eco-Drive movement can last as long as 3 decades or longer. As light makes its way into with the dial, it recharges battery, which consumes low energy.


The dial from the watch, as suggested on above, is really a beautiful variety of light and animated display. It consists of small hexagon shapes that form a patchwork and lightweight reflects off them. The sunshine originates from behind, begins from what appears just like a anchorman and moves round the entire face. The sunshine movement produced is very intriguing and grabs ones attention. The dial is incased inside a large black or whitened situation which has a large domed azure very within the face and it has an integrated strap on its sides. The timepiece also offers a sizable crown on its size.


If this involves functionality, the timepiece does tell time obviously. The lights reach display time using two “painted” analog hands. Because of the character from the creation, the Eco-Drive Nova watch doesn’t even center them in the center of the dial. The playful concept creation is really a fun toy first, along with a watch second. Citizen likely utilizes a special display coupled with a kind of fiber optic source of light to produce the impressive effect. Among the structures the sunshine movement produces around the dial face is 2 analog hands. Both your hands aren’t centered but situated around the lower left side.



The timepiece isn’t available in a commercial sense yet but it’s expected to be shown in special edition at some stage in the long run. This watch is an ideal illustration of the fusion of technology and style. Because the leader of CITIZEN highlights throughout Baselworld 2012 pr release, this Nova watch demonstrates the continuing innovative work and evolution from the brand’s the watchmaking industry.