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Corum watches

The initial model from 1977

Here’s new things and various! Corum relies in La Chaux P Fonds and even though there is a (relatively) short history when in comparison with other Swiss brands, there is a status that rivals virtually every other brand in the market.

Their latest watch relies from a non-current timepiece which was initially introduced in 1977. Obviously, this watch is not likely to attract everybody. Although clearly customized to that particular period of time, the brand new version (above) includes a couple of changes so that they can allow it to be attract a larger selection of purchasers in present day market. Most particularly, a budget-searching gold bracelet within the original is exchanged for any black leather strap within the up-to-date version. Other changes range from the inner bezel across the outdoors from the dial, the movement of Corum’s logo design, a general change in dial texture, in addition to beading across the periphery. You will find a couple of other (minor) changes that we will not bother entering.

Corum watches Corum watches

Within the 24kt gold dial (made up of a 15g ingot, therefore, the title and engraving around the dial) may be the Corum CO 082, which basically shows the fundamental information, hrs and minutes. All around the movement on other sides is really a 18kt situation that measures 9mm thick, 30mm wide, and 40mm long. It might not attract many perspective purchasers, but you need to applaud Corum for delivering a brand new form of their legendary watch, something that’s increasingly common in present day market.