Do you know a few things about mechanical watches?

In recent years, watches have become more and more popular, and mens mechanical watches have been loved by everyone for their fine workmanship and tasteful design. It’s beautiful to wear a mechanical watch, but do you know about these few things about mechanical watches?
When wearing a watch, especially in summer, sweating is inevitable, so people who cherish the watch will often wipe the dial and strap. But pay attention to use a soft cloth to clean the sweat on the watch. The cloth used to wipe the glasses is a better choice.
Some people will see water vapor in their men watches. A large part of this situation is caused by the sudden cooling and heating of the watch. The temperature change will also cause damage to the internal parts of the watch. Since water vapor can enter the dial, it means that the rubber ring of the watch may be aging. You need to maintain it and replace it with a new rubber ring. Otherwise, it is not only water vapor, but it is also easy to get into the dial by accidentally sprinkling some water. in.