Every Rolex watch never ceases to surprise us with its creativity.

Rolex As you can imagine, we had high expectations for them in the Baselworld 2018. True to their slogan –‘a crown for every achievement’ — that the Rolex GMT Master II deserves a steel crown. Fans waited wanting to see the features of the men watch that was new.
We have the facts, and they are exciting! For starters, the decision to reintroduce Pepsi bezel GMT-Master in steel of Rolex was puzzling but also evoked emotions in the lovers. Since the launch of this initial Rolex GMT-Master model, the red and blue bezel has always been the watch’s distinctive signature. Though nobody knows that gave it the nickname’Pepsi,’ somebody must’ve made the emblem that uses the identical colour combinations of blue, red, and white of the soda as well as the connection between the watch bezel.