Exploding Numerals 1928 With Hermes Gold Ladies Watch

Exploding Numerals 1928 With Hermes Gold Ladies Watch

From 1928, this vintage Hermes ladies watch, gold case and dial drawing explosion figure is sold on this site one of the most attractive projects. In 伦敦爱马仕 care of a genteel customers for whom money is not an issue, as reflected in this piece of superb quality. It is important to recognize that, and like Hermes, Cartier and Louis Vuitton today companies have to embrace their exclusivity dilution mass market in the years before World War II, they established their own reputation by offering the most luxurious products to the social elite is very important that only a small part of society at large. We also recommend anyone to buy investment options using the rare double because vintage watches in one modern, but also taking into account that it has to build a new and higher standard than its equivalent.

The condition of this watch is nothing short of exceptional. We specialise in the sale of vintage watches for serious collectors and are deliberately very selective when buying, but even so, this item is really outstanding. Looking at it closely, we would suspect that it has only ever seen very light use as a watch for special occasions. There are the tiniest few imperfections to the case in places, but these are so minor as to hardly be worth mentioning and would be found on any vintage watch that is not literally unused new-old-stock.

The style of the watch is immensely appealing. The case body is a very long corner cut rectangle, with articulated lugs at either end. The lugs and case body are in heavy solid gold and are totally free of past repair work. This style of case couldn’t be more representative of its era, having moved on from the circular models that we saw in World War I, but still having the soldered wire

The dial is the single most important aspect of any vintage wristwatch and both its format and its condition have an enormous bearing on commercial value. This style, with what are known by collectors as exploding numerals, is one of the most eye catching that has ever been offered. It appeared just before 1920 and was all but gone by a decade later. It reappeared almost seventy years later on brand new watches by Franck Muller and was sold to a public that was unaware of these vintage originals. We can’t imagine anybody not finding exploding numerals attractive and watches with this dial format will always command a high price premium over their equivalents with uniformly sized numerals at every hour position.

Exploding Numerals 1928 With  Hermes Gold Ladies  Watch

The quality of the hand wound movement in this watch is outstanding. This is very long rectangular movement with cut corners and is in the most remarkable condition. The telltale marks of attention to detail are all there, the most noticeable with the unassisted eye being the presence of bevelled, rather than simply right angled, edges to the bridges. Hermes wasn’t a manufacturer of watches but instead would have ordered this item from a third party supplier. The same situation applied to Cartier, Tiffany & Co and Dunhill, all of which sold beautifully made early wristwatches under their own brand names, but at no point manufactured watch movements in-house. It is important to appreciate that it was essential that the movements in watches like this one were of very high quality. Hermes and its competitors were at this stage still building up the reputations that they continue to have today. Their customers were wealthy individuals who were attracted to extreme luxury. Hermes was well aware that its success depended on its goods being of an exceedingly high standard and if this standard ever dipped, its reputation would be damaged. It is reasonably fair comment to say that Hermes and its competitors overcharged, or, to be perhaps more charitable, charged very handsomely for their products, but equally, they were able to do so primarily because these products genuinely were so outstanding. The same applies to the much sought after Kelly and Birkin bags that Hermes offers today. These are very expensive and we can’t imagine anyone ever regarding them as being good value for money, but the quality standard to which they are constructed is first rate.

The price of this watch is £885 GB pounds. For a completely genuine vintage Hermes watch in gold, retailed through the London branch of Hermes in 1928, in this immaculate condition, this isn’t excessive by any means. Cartier offers a selection of its vintage watches for sale at its London shop and advertises for these in the specialist trade press, but we don’t know if Hermes does the same. We are inclined to think that it hasn’t followed suit yet, simply because we haven’t read that it has, but when it does, as it inevitably will, this will cause values to jump sharply. Certainly, as we see from the almost manic level of interest in vintage Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags when they appear at auction, prices for all good Hermes pieces have risen dramatically over the last five or six years. Christie’s ran its first thematic vintage Hermes sale in South Kensington on the 19th November 2009 and following its great success, it seems likely that further similar events will soon appear on the calendars of all the major auction houses. Vintage Hermes watches have all the quality hallmarks of the firm’s famous handbags, but at the time of writing are less costly than their equivalents by Rolex, Jaeger LeCoultre or IWC. It seems a safe bet that as the value of classic Hermes bags continues to rise, attention will be drawn to the company’s vintage watches, especially those from the pre-war period. At our asking price, this is an awful lot of very beautiful vintage wristwatch for a very small amount of money and the evidence is there to suggest that a decade from now, this figure in retrospect will be seen to have been painfully low.