Introduces The Alpina Startimer Classic Automatic Chrono Watches


WTF Swiss Alpina? Seriously, is this a joke? Is this watch genetically short? Can you call a 44mm wide dwarf? Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “little watch.” No, watch Is the right size, but in the hands, those sad poor hands, at least atrophy. Look at them all the sadness? Even the chronograph subdial hand feels even greater.

I do not know what Al thought about when their designers approved the hand of the Al Startimer watch. More like TinyTimer. This is the type of garbage, this watch angered me. Let me want to shout the obscene. Everything about this watch is fine if you look retro chronograph watch – but are these hands, in the end with those stupid little hands? It’s not just a mistake, it’s the watch’s abuse.
Even I need to explain to anybody why or how hours, minutes, chronographs, and seconds is a little less than an excuse for hand? Perhaps this is a joke. Maybe Al just interfered with me. I can see them giggling in Geneva like seventh-graders. “E-mail Ariel, make sure he thinks it’s serious! Well, he’ll throw it!” This will not be the first time …

The dial has even pulsograph measurement pulse. And hand almost worthless. Chronograph second hand only to the beginning of the hour indicator. Why ?! Screws, I do not even want to be good or try to figure it out. If you design this dial, please do not talk to me in the same room. You not only make the original nice brand, but you and incredibly clear show how incapable of your watch or industrial designer. Back to the production model. Objectionable. This watch makes me dizzy, so we want to give up completely analog watch, buy a digital Casio.