Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, men’s stuff part 19.


When it comes to quiet elegance for daily existence, my Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Grand Taille (pictured left) takes the grand prize over the rest of the watches I own.  It had been a Christmas gift from my spouse in 2013 and I have grown very keen on it in the last year.


I’d lusted within the Jaeger Reverso for several years, but was undecided about my next major watching purchase from a Reverso or perhaps a PaneraiLuminor 1950 GMT. I’d finally made the decision around the Reverso, and it was positively pondering which Reverso model I would purchase when my spouse provided the Christmas surprise.

My wife’s option for me would be a simple stainless GT with simply one complication- a little inside dial for seconds.  The strap is light brown alligator leather with a stainless-steel metal butterfly clasp set up.  I in addition have a second alligator strap in black, should I wish to put on it with formal eveningwear. The timepiece with taste understated. This is an inconspicuously top quality luxury good that’s apt to be only identified by other watch aficionados/fanatics.

For any watch enthusiast, the Reverso requires no introduction.  Its art deco design still stands out as vibrantly today as if this first made its worldwide splash using the café society in 1931. The timepiece was allegedly created for British military officials who performed polo in British Colonial India.  The polo gamers stored breaking their watch deposits throughout play, and also the Reverso reduced the problem by enabling these to “swivel” the very face right into a reverse position- subjecting just the metal back. Therefore, the title, “Reverso.”

Initially the rear would be a plain metal surface, however with time; Jaeger LeCoultre started designing the backs of Reversos with everything else in the watch owner’s initials to elaborate designs implanted with diamonds, enamel, along with other creative assets.  One model, the Reverso Duo, includes a second watch around the back you can use just like a GMT for again zone.


Today, the Reverso continues to be considered Jaeger LeCoultre signature watch and will come in multiple models, with quite a number of complications, and varying in dimensions in the small classic size calculating only (L x W) 38.5 x 23.1mm, towards the new large Squadra models calculating a complete 50.5 x 34.9mm.

Additionally towards the Reverso collection, Jaeger sports numerous watch lines on its official website, many of which have been in traditional round faces.

The organization, Jaeger LeCoultre, has been available since 1833 and it has had a significant history with royalty, celebs, and also the infamous.  For instance Full Elizabeth II used a Jaeger 101 movement on her behalf coronation day, and also the scoundrel mountebank Bernie Madoff were built with a Reverso Dou which was grabbed and sold off after his fraud conviction.

One Caveat- Size Matters if this involves selecting your Reverso

Getting sang its praises the caveat using the Reverso is its size.  For a lot of males today, who are utilized to large watches, the initial classic size feels not big enough- at just 38.5mm by 23.1mm.  I believe because of this, Jaeger introduced the uber-sized “Squadra” Reverso that measure a wrist imposing 50.5mm length and 34.9mm width.

Size then, not the complications, was my primary concern when selecting my Reverso.  A few online bulletin board comments, from dissatisfied customers, had tied to me.

One disappointed customer mentioned he’d needed to exchange his classic sized Reverso for any Squadra Reverso, in a significant financial loss, while he simply couldn’t get accustomed to the little size.  Using the classic, he’d always felt like he was putting on a ladies watch.  (If you wish to observe how small it appears on the man’s wrist, Google photos of Mad Men’s Don Draper for that first season.)

Another frustrated customer also designed a size comment. He complained his Reverso was too lengthy long, and uncomfortable.  What he meant was that since the Reverso pivots, the timepiece back situation is flat and it doesn’t curve towards the wrist upon its length like some square watches do.  Consequently the customer complained the watch was always slightly uncomfortable on his wrist, and due to this, he didn’t put on it frequently.  In my opinion the model he was mentioning to was the Ultra Thin model.


Lastly, I’d personal bookings against a Squadra Reverso because (A), I felt the extra-large Squadra Reverso didn’t have the elegance of a classical Reverso, and (B), I figured the Squadra could be too large in my wrist. My spouse had exactly the same ideas concerning the Squadra models when she was searching for my watch.

For me personally, my wife’s gift of the Reverso Grand Taille (GT) was the right “Goldilocks” size in my wrist.  At 42.2mm Length and 26mm Width, it’s both comfortable and stylish, and fits well underneath my shirt cuff.  It’s the alternative of today’s monster sized overstated watches.  Simultaneously, I do not feel I’m putting on a woman’s watch.  I believe my spouse designed a great selection with my Grand Taille.

If you wish to get a concept of the way it looks on the man’s wrist from various angles and distances, catch the 1999 movie “The Thomas Crown Affair.”  Inside it, Pierce Brosnan’s character, Thomas Crown, wears a Reverso Duo, the identical size because the Reverso GT.

Being an interesting aside, the Reverso worn by Pierce Brosnan in “The Thomas Crown Affair” was really possessed by him (it’s stated hes’ a large Jaeger fan), however the “Jaeger LeCoultre” lettering hard was edited-in close-ups from the watch. Most probably it was because Brosnan were built with a marketing hire Omega at that time because of his Mission Impossible films.

One further caution- in the web based watch review by “The Speaking Hands,” among the online testers cautioned, “They should warn you these things are constructed with butter.”  He was watching that just like the watch is very beautiful, it’s also very susceptible to itching.  I’ve discovered that to be real even of my stainless model because of our prime polish finish. You have to be conscious while putting on it.

For additional info on these beautiful watches, I have placed below a few YouTube Links.

The first is a brief 13 minute overview of the Reverso by “Talking Hands,” particularly the Grand Reserve by having an 8 day energy-reserve-indicator around the back. This is actually the one where we’re cautioned concerning the watch’s “butter” like delicacy to itching.

Another is a straightforward illustration showing the pivot action of the Reverso GT. Incidentally; it will show the “correct” method to switch your Reverso.  Push it in midway (right to left), then switch the face area towards the back, then push the relaxation from it in sideways until it locks in position (again, right to left). Jetski from accidental itching of the Reverso.