Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Watch Review


For many days now I came across myself putting the Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Titanium Yellow Double Date watch in my wrist more occasions than I’d have first anticipated. Having its avocado eco-friendly strap and bold sporty looks, It’s my job to loved the watch but suspected it might prepare being really a ‘once-in-a-while’ piece. The exclusive edition dive watch within the ‘alternative’ Uk sports watch brand really shown me wrong. The charming boutique character and engaging situation along with dial legibility ended up sealing the sale it was subsequently a wristwatch to use constantly. Incidentally, in this particular publish we are experimentation with enabling you to definitely certainly click pictures to acquire bigger versions of those. Inform us inside the comments how which fits your life-style so when you need really that afterwards.
We first first showed the Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Double Date watch just more than a year because the successor towards the brand’s first dive watch, the Oktopus (first showed within 2009). As the situation dimensions continued to be relatively exactly the same, and because of the brand’s design DNA, the Oktopus II is very diverse from the initial. It is not really a much better or worse watch, the Oktopus II is basically a “re-imagined” idea of exactly what a Linde Werdelin dive watch ought to be. Initially when i first saw the Oktopus II this past year at Baselworld, I stated to Linde Werdelin “you’re finally settling right into a brand design DNA easily with this particular piece. While it’s true that Linde Werdelin watches convey more-or-minus the same situation shape (for any specific reason), they’re only lately discovering that right mixture between avant garde and modern style that enables individuals to identify their pieces with immediacy.

Nonetheless, like a brand that just produces special edition watches, all of their aesthetic ethos is continually changing. That’s only a natural aftereffect of always approaching with new and much more interesting things. In this way, trading inside a watch from Linde Werdelin is much like purchasing a really temporal work happening along a continuum which will hopefully continue for a really very long time. While watches from brands for example Linde Werdelin aren’t like beta items, they’re a lot more like art. You’re purchasing a glimpse into exactly what the brand was centered on in a specific place and time in their own individual history, and also the history around the globe. Timeless watches from bigger brands this type of Rolex watch are greatly “complete items.” They exist in their own individual design world striving to provide an insular feel and look designed to affect yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Boutique watch brands like Linde Werdelin tend to be more agile within their development.

You can easily appreciate this concept when recognizing that Linde Werdelin only created 88 bits of this unique Oktopus II watch. Not 88,000 or perhaps 8,800. Just 88 pieces. The down-side for that pernicious collector is the fact that knowing ‘the right’ Linde Werdelin watch to purchase can be hard. New things is definitely nearby, so buying one method is challenging. I guess anticipation is the fact that you’ll buy a replacement each couple of years not only to own a bit of their brand, but be part of the little group who’s really seeing the way the brand is constantly on the evolve, and taking pleasure in the procedure on the way.
True enough, putting on the Oktopus II is definitely an experience unlike travelling with many other watches. Hardly ever will i put on a watch that actually is not directly inspired by other things. The Oktopus II is not an homage watch, it is not attempting to seem like some form of industrial instrument or a bit of a submarine. Rather, it’s a completely independent design that tries to justify its existence by itself. Irrrve never fully appreciated that until putting on an uncommon item similar to this, despite the fact that I’ve examined many other Linde Werdelin watches previously. Your time and effort involved with trying a really original watch design that really looks good and finish is extremely challenging. I honestly will have a newly found appreciation for Linde Werdelin and it is fellow independent watch maker brands who’ve made the decision to create in this way.
My personal favorite part of the Oktopus II is most likely the situation. The fundamental 44mm wide shape, as with other Linde Werdelin watches, is design to simply accept Linde Werdelin’s clip-on wrist instruments like the Rock or even the Reef diving computer. That’s why the flanks are indented as a result. Besides the same fundamental shape, the Oktopus II’s situation is extremely unique. It’s built from a number of parts, being mostly titanium having a black ceramic bezel. This really is really the very first time the company has utilized ceramic inside a watch. The black side areas of the situation are covered having a the scratch resistant DLC coating.

Linde Werdelin did a fantastic job around the situation detailing and machining. The satin-finished and blown titanium looks great with very precise edges along with a through the roof-quality look. The majority of the hex screws use matching yellow o-rings to have an added and welcome a little color. Around the rear from the situation is really a titanium situation back etched using the timepiece’s octopus logo design. An amusing vision from the “wrong finish” of the giant octopus whether it was swimming toward you. In comparison towards the original Oktopus, the Oktopus II has less water proofing. It’s now ‘just’ 300 meters versus 1,111 meters. That honestly does not matter in my experience. It’s still a dive watch be going as deep when i ever desire to descend.
Most likely probably the most experimental part of the Oktopus II may be the dial. This Oktopus II Titanium Yellow version is incorporated in the Double Date collection. Already Linde Werdelin has launched the Oktopus II Moon watch (hands-on here). The Double Date model includes a large date indicator, which is among my personal favorite ‘useful’ complications. Linde Werdelin wished to spice up a little by putting the numbers as cut-outs on dvds, instead of as printed numbers on dvds. You will find the double dvds under 12 o’clock. The idea is nice theoretically, plus they look awesome, however, many legibility is obviously hampered through the design. I recommended to Linde Werdelin they place a dark-colored plate underneath the numbers to boost legibility. I do not believe that wound up happening.
Richard Mille for instance will a similar factor with cut-outs, but will it a little better because of the positioning of contrast coloring behind the dvds. The large date system is still effective fine and appears good, however it did not quite achieve its full potential. The relaxation from the dial maintains good legibility because of the complex design and many textures. SuperLumiNova lume keeps the dial readable at nighttime. Another jerk towards the unique design would be that the brand logo design is positioned taken care of around the periphery from the dial. Although it is not perfect, I nonetheless did fall deeply in love with the initial styling from the dial. In this way its eccentricities are endearing, as with the ability to mix its task of telling time nicely with becoming an artistic design item.
The soft, high-quality rubber strap utilizes a standard buckle, but is really capable of being cut to length. Linde Werdelin offers an alligator and textile strap too (for the next cost). Everybody initially believed that the Titanium Yellow form of the Oktopus II watch would actually include a yellow strap. It’s a smaller amount yellow than vibrant ‘mollusk’ eco-friendly, or when i stated, fresh avocado.
Before talking about the movement I have to mention that which was the only most questionable aspect of the Oktopus II watch if this first arrived on the scene – that insufficient rotating diver’s bezel. Conservative watch enthusiasts yell aloud “it can’t be considered a diver with no diving bezel.” If you think that way I realize your sentiments, and i’m a known fan from the rotating bezel. Nonetheless, Irrrve never find myself missing it around the Oktopus II watch. That does not mean I would not appreciate a rotating bezel if a person were here, but instead the existing style of the ceramic bezel and overall presentation from the watch is sufficient for me personally. I have ample other watches for diving within my collection when ever I would like a far more “standard” diver with increased standard parts. There are observed yet, Linde Werdelin went to admirable measures to help make the Oktopus II another kind of diver.
Inside the Oktopus II Double Date is certainly a unique automatic movement produced by Dubois-Depraz for Linde Werdelin. They think of it as the standard 14580 automatic, and consists of a couple of times of energy reserve and runs at 28,800 vph. The Linde Werdelin Oktopus II reaches its very heart a reliable although unique boutique dive watch with real soul. In the event you fancy awesome products that no-one else has, then .. Limited to 88 pieces since the Titanium Yellow model – many other materials and colours inside the Oktopus II collection exist. As seen, it’s listed at 9,500 Swiss Francs.