Men’s Mystique Chronograph Watch From Versace

The Versace title is known. Under Gianni Versace’s guidance, the Maison genuinely combined rock ‘n roll, celebrity culture, theater, and ballet to essentially redefine the function of favor nowadays. The brand’s signature style has lengthy been connected with glamor and intrigue.

The Mystique Chronograph from Versace not just lives as much as its title of granting the wrist an aura of mystery and charm, however it brings exceptional quality towards the chronographic arena of watches. This distinguished chronograph isn’t something we have seen constantly from Versace, making their mastery from it even more impressive.

Versace Men’s Mystique Chronograph Watch

Having a brown and gold color pallet that certain can certainly imagine themselves putting on while sailing round the boot of Italia, this watch states luxury.

This Swiss made watch carries the signature Versace style with amazing class. Individuals acquainted with Versace will know the indicating the Medusa mind and also the Greek key define the company. When Donatella requested Gianni why he selected Medusa, Gianni told his sister he thought individuals who fall deeply in love with Medusa can’t flee from her.

It is really an interesting interpretation from the Greek myth, and something that does not really illuminate the actual link between the mythical creature and also the brand. This myth really has numerous different versions from the story, so when one researches the subject it’s possible to easily become confused. Some say she would be a beautiful maiden who had been cursed by Athena with snakes for hair and also over all ugliness due to her indiscretions with Poseidon. About this form of the storyline, the maiden was preferred by all the males before she was converted into the hideous monster that we understand as medusa.


The Medusa mind perches towards the top of the dial, watching over everything around the Versace Mystique. The attractive chocolate dial uses batons to mark the hrs making for any clean finish.

A gold ring loops round the chronograph markers around the dial which highlights them from the dark background. The gorgeous bezel consists of stainless steel with tachymeter. A date marker rests at four o’clock and everything runs off a Swiss quartz movement – the Swiss RONDA 5030D chrono quartz to become exact. The hour hand and minute hand use lume, and also the lens is made from anti-reflective sapphire crystal, making the timepiece readable in almost any lighting situation.

The Versace VFG060013 Mystique is really a beautiful chronograph that is available in a similarly beautiful case. The rosy gold case consists of stainless steel, emphasizing the chocolate dial and also the brown leather wrist strap. The 23 mm strap has lizard print, black stitching, along with a professional deployment clasp. This Mystique luxury watch can also be very helpful using the water proofing as high as 165 ft, there’s pointless to not refer to this as the best diver’s chronograph for that Versace loving, distinguished man. So gents, what are you still waiting for?