New Blancpain boutique on 5th Avenue

Earlier this month Blancpain opened a new flagship boutique on 5th Avenue.

While it is not their first boutique in New York City — they previously operated a boutique at 781 Madison Avenue — it is the biggest on US soil. At 1722 square feet, it is much more spacious than their previous 781 Madison location, which was approximately 1000 square feet.

Located between 51 and 52 streets, 645 Madison Avenue is now the premiere destination for all things Blancpain.

According to Blancpain, “The interior décor is infused with the brand’s heritage. The cherry wood used for the furniture and the display window design draw their inspiration from the architecture of the workshops and master-watchmaker’s workbenches. This peaceful environment is eminently conducive to discovering watchmaking know-how.

For the first time in one if its boutiques, Blancpain uses a 360 degree screening system for total immersion in the brand universe. Photos and videos are displayed on the upper part of the walls, thus creating an atmosphere where virtual and real collide. The images change accordingly to brand news and are a reminder of its various commitments in several areas such as the oceans, the art of living and motorsports.”




Blancpain Boutique

645 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022

Tel: +1 212 396 1735

Email: [email protected]