PHOTO REPORT: Blancpain Engraving

  • PROW000dafd2-X3.jpg

    Master Blancpain Engraver at work

  • PROW0001-X3.jpg

    Inside the Blancpain flagship boutique on 5th Avenue

  • PROW0003 (1)-X3.jpg

    Blancpain boutique at 645 5th Ave

  • PROW0016-edit-2-X3.jpg

    Blancpain US Brand Manager, David Gely, giving addressing guests

  • PROW0032-edit-X3.jpg

    Grand Date Aqua Lung in red gold (Ref. 2850B-1130A-64B)

  • PROW0050-edit-X3.jpg

    Fifty Fathoms Automatic in red gold

  • PROW0053-edit-X3.jpg
  • PROW0dsgsg029-edit-X3.jpg

    Bathyscaphe (Ref. 5000-1110-NAKA)

  • PROW0045-X3.jpg

    Blancpain US brand manager David Gely wearing a Quantieme Complet 8 Jours

  • PROW0054-X3.jpg

    Facade with Blancpain aquatic display

  • Mausoleum-of-the-first-Qin-Emperor.jpg

    Hand engraved and damascened dial with Mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor decoration

  • Hand-Engraved-Blancpain-caseback.jpg

    Hand Engraved Blancpain caseback


This photo report is from a cocktail party held at Blancpain’s NYC flagship boutique at 645 5th Avenue last night. Guests watched demonstrations of one of the brand’s master engraver at work, highlighting the incredible level of manual dexterity required to do miniature engravings by hand.

Check out some of the finished timepieces HERE.