Pre-Baselworld 2015: Breitling B55 Connected

Breitling just released a preview of their first smart watch which will launch next week at Baselworld.

Last year Breitling announced the B50, which at the time was their most cutting-edge electronic multifunction SuperQuartzTM chronograph movement with analog and digital displays made for pilots. The new B55 is essentially a more advanced, connected version of that timepiece.


According to Breitling, “Since the main assets of a smartphone are its screen and its ergonomic interface, owners of the B55 Connected can use their phone to perform certain adjustments (time-setting, time zones, alarms, display and operating parameters, night mode, etc.). The result is a considerable gain in comfort and efficiency. At the same time, the user may also upload the results of various measurements (flight times, etc.) from the chronograph to the smartphone so as to be able to read them more easily, store them or pass them on via wireless connectivity.”


The case is titanium with a black carbon-based coating (and the dial is adorned with a blue wireless symbol). The backlight display enables the B55 to be viewed in all conditions, and a miniaturized rechargeable magnetic battery system allows the watch to be charged via the main grid or a USB port.


Some details have been left out, although it looks like this is the logical progression, in connecting a watch that is already a professional pilot tool and taking it to the next level. I think it will be hard for a techie, watch guy or pilot, not to like this one.