Reach for the skies with the Oris Pro-Pilot Big Crown Day Date


Avalon will be one of the busiest air spaces. Usually sleep when the airport will convert the most advanced aircraft, including the huge British Air Force Atlas transport aircraft and f – 35 joint attack fighters (first seen in Australia), the lightning pulled from the sky down. Of course, the reason is twice a year at the Avalon Airshow, the world’s third largest air trade show, if you are in a private jet market or just want to hoard thermal tracking missiles, no doubt it has been in the diary. We will have a more practical purpose, spend time and event sponsor mouth, a brand and its eyes firm in the sky.Oris-big-crown-pro-pilot

What better time to talk about the Big Crown Day Date, from their Pro-Pilot collection. Typically, pilot’s watches are pared-back, utilitarian affairs with simple cases and black and white dials, so this offering from Oris big crown propilot day date is definitely at the dressier end of the spectrum. While the bold printed Arabic numerals (that 4!) and highly readable hands are still present, the dial finish is a rich grey starburst, which makes a pleasant change from plain black. And though the 45mm case means there’s plenty of space, the proportions are all quite neat. On a dial this size, a date on its own would look a little lonely, but the day and date balances things nicely. The other feature that really helps this watch stand out is the bezel. The milled finish is a nod to the coin-edge bezels of historical pilot’s watches, as well as bearing more than a passing resemblance to a jet turbine – a detail picked up on the crown. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the bezel sits flush with the lugs, a detail that demonstrates the extra level of care Oris has taken in the case construction.Oris-big-crown-pro-pilot

It’s powered by what appears to be a SW-200, with Oris’s trademark red rotor. We can’t help feeling the movement looks on the lost side through the caseback. Perhaps something solid with an interesting engraving might have been a nice option, but for the oris big crown propilot day date price that’s a minor quibble. The calfskin strap with contrasting stitching has a nice vintage feel, and suits the refined character of the piece – though if that’s not your thing, steel and textile strap options are also on offer.Oris-big-crown-pro-pilot

Grand Crown Pro-Pilot day date, yang dialing and subtle details added to the class, making a good selection of typical masculine pilots. All you need is a white silk scarf to complete the whole.