Reef Tiger Swiss Designer Watches


I stumbled into this brand by accident and I can’t believe how openly deceitful they are. This is rather entertaining actually.

First of all, their web domain is in the UK (Swiss Designer Watches,Luxury Swiss Mens and Ladies Watches in UK Online Watch shop), probably to impart a feeling of seriousness, but the company is located in Guangzhou, China.

Their tag line is: “Swiss Designer Watches”. On the dial, where you would expect to see “Swiss Made”, they have “Swiss Tech”.


They say the movement is a “Top Quality Swiss Reef Tiger RT2801 Automatic Movement”, but at $138 to $238 for automatic watches, it’s a safe bet that the movements are not Swiss.

In the About Us we find this: “Swiss Reef Tiger Watch is incorporated in Switzerland” (which may or may not be true, I don’t know) but at the bottom of the website it says: “Reef Tiger Swiss watch brand exclusive license to Guangzhou YiMi Trade Co., Ltd.”

It also says “Reef Tiger Watch ( using specialized equipment self-testing ) is to reach the Swiss Chronometer Authority (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, COSC) inspection , proved to be highly accurate chronometer.” which we all know they can’t get COSC certified if they are not made in Switzerland.

On the Home Page they say this: ” Reef Tiger watch brand will continue to research , develop new swiss watches provide consumer choice.”


Here’s another doozie, comparing themselves to Rolex and Omega!: “When different kinds of world-famous wrist watches like Rolex and Omega start to be very popular in lots of countries’ markets, Reef Tiger just sprung up in silence. And with its excellent technology and colorful and unique designers’ idea, it has gained some good reputation among watch lovers. We believe that after some time, Reef Tiger must certainly be one of the represent of world luxury watch brands.”

And last but not least, they are a Swiss brand that goes back to 1898! “Born from Swiss brand of one hundred years and founded in 1898, Reef Tiger, is a real Swiss wrist watch brand. And by virtue of its divine technique and characteristic creative design, it has founded some good reputation.”