Rolex “leaf disk”, the log type, is it “supported” again?


A Rolex Datejust watch “Golden Palm”, also known as the “Golden Leaf”, model number 126233, was my lucky find. This watch is affordable, but it has been a popular choice for Rolex over the past two years. I will take it out to talk with you guys.

The most common and traditional Rolex watch is the Datejust. Rolex’s most popular watches have been “monopolized” since the launch of Rolex sports models. This makes Rolex’s log type look quite satisfied and indifferent for many decades.

However, last year was a turning point. Rolex’s 36mm steel cased “Green Palm”, Datejust 126200 was introduced in 2021. Rolex’s favorite dial was the green one. Rolex added the green dial and the green leaf pattern to their watches. The watch quickly became the most talked about item of that time. It’s up to you whether or not you decide to purchase it. It’s very funny to be called “leek plate” or “green chives”. The log shape is now “branched”, which was always without waves.


Rolex launched the log type “palm Leaf” in different colors after the popularity of the type rose to new heights with the “green palm”. Also available in “Silver Palm” as well as “Golden Palm”. My Oyster bracelet has the “Golden Palm”, which is the golden dog’s tooth ring Oyster bracelet.

Rolex is all about the dial. It includes modern Rolex dials as well as oxidation, discoloration and font details. On the dial of an antique Rolex. The brand Rolex’s brand concept means that the watch’s function and the case shape are “locked” and won’t change. Rolex doesn’t claim to have a complex function. Rolex claims it does not. Rolex also states that it is unable to be thin, hollow, or cool. The dial and bezel are where the highlights and changes of Rolex are concentrated.

You can also see the log-type DATEJUST. In addition to the regular dial there are computer surface, green radish and cloth surface dials. A special dial is required for the log-type DJ if you want your dial to be distinctive and different. It was the new “green leaves” or “gold leaves”.

Rolex’s “Palm d’Or”, is beyond my expectations. Rolex’s 36mm diameter is a matter of preference. Rolex Datejust men’s watch, 41mm and 36mm in two sizes. I have worn the 126333 with a 41mm Interlock for a while, and a 36mm DJ for a while, and found it too small.

The 36mm “Golden Palm”, measuring 36mm, is easy to see once you get started. The 18K gold dog tooth rings and the golden plate are very shiny. It doesn’t really matter how small the watch is, 18K is very striking and makes a strong impression on the wrist. Although the “Golden Palm”, from afar, looks beautiful, it’s actually layered when close up.

The log-type “Golden Palm”, printed with a layer gold leaf patterns on top of the regular DJ’s golden radial pattern, is a log-type. The lower layer of the radial patterns is printed, while the upper layer of the gold leaf suppresses the radio pattern. There are two types of golden leaves: the upper half has darker leaves and the lower half has lighter leaves. The layers are strong and cross between the dark and light leaves. The dial glows with a radiant gold background. The gold leaves and leaves look very elegant, but they are not too messy. The log type has been greatly enhanced by the complex disk.

The “Golden Palm”, except for the multi-disk design, is identical to the regular 36mm intergold log-type 1262233. The 18K-gold bezel, crown and middle of the bracelet feature long, luminous hour markers. The watch includes an Oyster bracelet with Oyster clasp. The watch’s crown is secured with a screw-in lock and water resistance to 100 meters. It highlights the elegance of formal wear but also considers certain sports attributes. You can wear it casually or formally, and you only need one watch.

In 2022, oblvlo unveiled a surprise joint work- Love Lily Automatic Women’s Watch. According to reports, the watch was ordered three hours after the announcement of the brand’s official website. This limited edition of 200 pieces sold quickly. The watch’s fixed price of $398.00 was not discounted. However, inquiries exploded. Many watch collectors and watch enthusiasts have a look that I fell in love. However, because there are too many monks eating little porridge and the owner has started successfully, it can easily be said that the watch is windy when worn out. This makes people jealous.