Rolex Submariner it is just a functional watch, not a fashion watch.

If Rolex has been asked to craft the perfect dive watch, something happened in 1954. That something was that the birth of one of the most iconic chronograph watches created by Rolex: that the Submariner. Before it turned into a James Bond accessory it was a beautiful watch from the beginning, but didn’t hit its high point. This watch is considered one of statement watches any guy would be very pleased to own.
Not great for black tie occasions Isn’t always appropriate for more dressy occasions Might Not Be as impressive as other versions Rolex Datejust Made with stainless steel Bezel (fluted) that is fixed and domed with stainless steel Water-resistant up to 100-metres Swiss automatic movement Cyclops-magnified date window Disadvantages Cons Even though it might not fit into day affairs, this view will suit anything and a lovely dinner party at a level. It is not difficult to adjust, which makes it a great selection for any person looking to up his watch match. Pros Price Point Characteristics Price Point Simple to read watch face Beautiful and elegant layout Easily rotatable bezel Water-resistant
The elegant and gorgeous design of this watch comes with a face and rotatable bezel. As it was designed to be a dive watch after all, the water resistance is excellent. This model might be the toughest as it’s simply more of a watch that is functional as opposed to being fashion-oriented to dress up. This very simple watch includes a history and a high quality build that is overlooked by many. There was only one style this watch came a slew of alternatives, and till lately. Therefore, it is an excellent regular watch. Pros Multiple versions Amazing dress watch Band size is easy to increase Cost Characteristics Multiple versions accessible Created with a Gorgeous stainless steel case and oyster bracelet Large case (40mm) Designed with self-winding movement Waterproof up to 300-metres Fitted with a green ceramic bezel Watch face is Made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal Illuminated hands and mark