Signs of a Quality Watch


A quality luxury Swiss watch has over 300 parts in it assembled so delicately that it creates a masterpiece. A well crafted watch should be able to tell time for many years to come and even lasting for generations for you to pass down. We all know Swiss made watches are synonymous with perfection and a high quality Swiss watch is a valuable investment. What makes a quality watch though and how can you tell them apart? Here are some signs of a quality watch.
Signs of a Quality Watch.



Weight is an important factor. A quality watch should feel like a quality watch. With as many as 300 parts in such a small space a watch should carry a little weight to it. Remember ‘heavy is good’. You don’t want a watch that weighs as much as a feather; you want a reliable watch that will last for years and years.


The movement is the star of any Swiss watch; aesthetics and design only play a small role compared to the complexity of the movement. Especially in Swiss watches the movement can be extremely meticulous and a sure sign that you have a quality watch in your hands is that you don’t hear a “tick-tock” from it. The seconds hand is so finely tuned that the ticks happen as often as nine times a second, which allows for a flawless sweep and no noise. So when you are looking at a watch put it to your ear to see if you can hear the movement. A “tick-tock” sound might mean you should keep looking.

Brand Name and Tradition

What’s picking a Swiss watch without choosing a celebrated brand name? Probably one of the most important factors in choosing a watch is what manufacturer produces them. Tradition and brand name are sure signs of a quality watch, watch brands that are older than you should carry a legacy. The reason why so many Swiss watch brands are so successful is because they continually deliver quality watches and satisfy the customers time and time again. That’s why you don’t see people questioning whether buying that JLC or that Chopard or that Patek Philippe is a good idea, these brands have proved that their watches are superior to others. Choosing a Swiss made watch shouldn’t be a question of its integrity but more a question of is it a brand that fits your image and style?

Swiss Branding


There are a lot of counterfeit watches out there which is why you need to test the quality of a watch before purchasing. One of the biggest signs of a quality watch is the “Swiss” or “Swiss Made” inscription. This means that the watch has gone through rigorous standards to be dubbed a Swiss made watch. But beware there are fake watches out there that will look to replicate these legendary watches. Look closely at the inscription to be sure it is laser etched and without flaw. A watch with anything other than “Swiss” or “Swiss Made” is a guaranteed fake, learn more about how to spot a fake Swiss watch here.