SIHH 2012: Montblanc TimeWriter II Bi-Frequence 1000


Montblanc has officially announced the TimeWriter II Chronograph Bi-Frequence 1000, a highly complicated chronograph capable of recording times with 1/1000th of a second precision.

The only other mechanical chronograph capable of recording times with this level of precision is the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer, which was introduced last year. However, the Mikrotimer “currently” has a power reserve of only 2.5 minutes. In comparison, the Bi-Freuquence has a much more useful reserve of 45-minutes. Plus, Bi-Frequence’s chronograph display can be read instantly, without requiring complex complications. And most importantly, Mont Blanc’s super chronograph is a production ready, whereas the TAG is a concept-only model at this point in time.

The Montblanc TimeWriter II Chronograph Bi-Frequence 1000 is one of the most advanced mechanical chronographs ever produced.