Smartwatches – Smartphones for Your Wrist


After mobile phones come the smartwatches: IT companies – and, possibly, even some traditional watch companies – are getting intelligent watches to the market, and also the interest in them keeps growing. Scroll lower for any primer on these groundbreaking products, such as the latest news around the lengthy-rumored Apple smartwatch that was finally released on September 09, 2014

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So what can smartwatches do?

The smartwatch, that is worn around the wrist just like a normal watch, connects using the smartphone in your wallet using Bluetooth and often NFC. After that, the timepiece receives both important and fewer important data: Around the display, the customer can look into the time, obviously, in addition to data like the current weather situation. However, notices regarding incoming emails could be a lot more important, for instance. The smartwatch may also be used being an additional control unit for many cell phone functions: Music could be controlled while using watch with no smartphone needing to be taken off the pocket, and calls could be received simply by raising the arm towards the ear.
Small issues that muddy the general picture
Obviously, smartwatches can’t try everything, and also the items in the various producers are susceptible to many restrictions. For instance, Samsung’s Universe Gear, introduced in 2013, are only able to be combined with a couple of available products, such as the Note 3 and Note 10.1. The small dimensions are also difficult for the organization: A built-in camera can, for instance, take 720p videos, but because of the limited space for storage, these cannot exceed an optimum period of 10-seconds. The timepiece also manages to lose all its “smartness” if there’s no compatible device at the Universe Gear then only shows time – an costly affair because of the suggested retail cost of $299. Samsung has since introduced more recent models like the Gear2 and Gear2 Neo, that offer stand alone music gamers.