TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On

Yesterday, at LVMH tower – TAG Heuer, Intel Corporation, and Google unveiled their new Connected smartwatch – designed by TAG Heuer the watch, powered by Intel, and running Android Wear (it syncs with both Android or iOS phones).


First off, this is arguably the best-looking smartwatch we’ve seen to date (if you like traditional round watches).

At 46 mm in diameter, it is large but not gigantic. See the picture below on a thin ladies’ wrist. Moreover, the case is in grade 2 titanium, which is a premium material that is very strong and ultra-light. The surfaces of the case, including the black bezel which has a 0-60 scale, are brushed. And while it is clearly styled after one of TAG Heuer’s Carrera timepieces, it is not an exact replica of anything in their existing traditional mechanical or quartz timepiece collection.


There is a choice of seven strap colors (black, red, blue, white, orange, green, and yellow), all with sporty perforations (holes) and deployment buckle closure crafted in grade 2 titanium. This is a good start, but considering the plethora of straps on the market for Apple Watches, we’re confident more strap options are in the work. Although I doubt we will see a Hermes Editon – a Louis Vuitton Editon would make sense.

PROW0011-X3.jpgIn addition to the CEO of TAG Heuer, CEO of Intel and VP of Engineering for Android at Google, the global CEO of Louis Vuitton was in attendance for the unveiling.

From sports updates, weather alerts, airport information – to your standard assortment of timers, alarms, and reminders – it is comparable with other top smartwatches.

In addition to some pretty neat looking TAG Heuer’s Carrera digital watch faces, which include chronographs, GMTs and 3-handers (pictured and shown in this video) – there are already a number of customized apps that will be available on the Connected Watch on on exclusive basis that will be offered with free subscriptions, including: Insiders (lifestyle), GolfShot Pro (golf), RaceChrono Pro (motor racing), and Viewrangers (trailing), which will be offered with free subscriptions.


The watch is equipped with an Intel® Atom™ processor Z34XX, 4 GB of memory, 1 GB of RAM, and has an approximate battery life of 18-20 hours of battery life thanks to its latest-generation lithium battery. The TAG Heuer Connected is equipped with a small microphone to communicate with via Google voice control. It can also be controlled by the electronic crown or sapphire crystal touchscreen (which protects a 24-bit display that has 360 x 360 pixels with 240 ppi resolution and 200 nits of brightness). Crucially, thanks to the onboard memory, and unlike the Apple Watch, you can load and listen to music, even if WiFi and your phone are unavailable.


The entire piece has an IPX7 water resistance rating, which means it can get wet, or be submerged in a shallow amount of water (about 3 feet) for approximately 30-minutes. Sadly, the water-resistance rating is no better than the Apple Watch. As a Swiss watchmaker, highly focused on sports watches, we would have expected at least 30 meters so you can swim with it, take it to the beach, and so on. On a positive note, it definitely feels more robust than an Apple Watch, as it should coming from TAG Heuer.




Overall, based on a first look, which included about 20-minutes with the TAG Heuer Connected, it appears to be a well put together device, with the quality (fit and finish) you would expect from a Swiss watchmaker like TAG Heuer. The retail price is $1500.