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  • Oris Watch Recommended : Affordable Oris Divers 65

    Today I will introduce the Oris Divers 65 watch. The Oris 65 solves the problem with modern wearability, durability, and they are more affordable to own (retail with the rubber strap is $1850). I continue to put the Oris through the paces. While I am not a diver, I do like to swim with my watch […]

  • Oris DIving Sixty-Five Concern Hands

    Oris DIving Sixty-Five Concern Hands

    In a surprise move, Howley, the manufacturer very cool Ake Sigma depth gauge, has released a modern re-interpretation of a vintage diving watch, from their history. Show Baselworld in 2015 of the new   Oris Divers   really only sixty-five new manufacturing, this watch has a relatively updated a model, I am now 50 years […]