Enjoy Tempus Machina Ref. 809H Submariner

This time, they have customized another modern Submariner Ref. 114060 to look like a collectible 1960s vintage Ref. 5512 with pointed crown guards. In addition to the 5512-inspired pointed crown guards, the so-called Ref. 809H Submariner by Tempus Machina also has a gilt-printed 3, 6, 9 “Explorer” dial. Tempus Machina, the company that created a customized Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 as an homage to the highly collectible Ref. 6538 Big Crown, in 2015, is at it again.


“The lugs of the modern ceramic sub has been slightly thinned to create a more appropriate profile. Lugholes are drilled and sharp bevels are applied to the mid-case,” according to Tempus Machina.

Limited to 30 pieces, the watch goes on sale today for $25,000. The price is steep, but if you want that vintage look, that many of us crave in a Rolex, your only other option is finding a vintage version, where the prices and the condition can vary greatly.