The Cartier ID One Concept


The Cartier ID One is a highly advanced concept timepiece developed entirely in the Cartier workshops. It requires no adjustment, is lubrication free and is insensitive to temperature, shocks and magnetic fields.

For the “ID One” concept, Cartier used a self-winding movement, featuring a blade style trimmed rotor (which offers an amazing, less obstructed view of the movement, than a traditional rotor design). The anchor and anchor wheel are in carbon and glass, without pallets. The movement has a double barrel, with a power reserve of 52 hours. The brass Ebauches are coated is a high-tech ADLC (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon). The oscillating weight is made of tungsten carbide, coated in ADLC. Even the case is unique, it is made of a niobium-titanium.

The most important element, though, chronometrically speaking, is the Spiral Zerodur® hairspring, it requires zero regulation.

Cartier says that this is the first ever wristwatch that is free from regulation – no adjusting the balance wheel screw, no adjusting the balance spring or modulating its active length, and no adjusting the position of the paddles on the anchor.

Overall, this is an extremely advanced design, and proof of what Cartier is capable of. A watch like this, represents Cartier’s dedication and seriousness towards watchmaking, and will surely have a positive halo effect on the brand.