The Frankfurt Financial District Watch with Sinn 6052 Review


Most people prefer Sinn watches, we will classify the tools watches: 140/142, 103 years, EZM series, 358,756,756 and so on. However, there is more Sinn than these watches for professional use only. They also have collections like the Klassische Meisterwerke “, ladies’ watches and, of course, the Frankfurt Financial District Collection. Or Frankfurt Finanzplatzuhren, if you want the perfect watch.

Frankfurt am Main

As you know, Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany. If you’ve been there, you’ll know the center of the city, combining modern skyscrapers and beautiful old buildings. Frankfurt was bombed during the Second World War, so the combination of buildings, the restoration and the need for the birth of skyscrapers. Large buildings host more than 500 companies in the financial industry, such as banks and insurance companies.

“Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main” as their official company name is, isn’t located in the city center of Frankfurt, but just outside. Nevertheless, besides pilots, divers, fire brigade and other ‘professional purpose’ watches, Sinn also decided to create watches for those who are working in the financial industry.

Today we have a look at one of their Frankfurt Financial District watches, the Sinn 6052.


Sinn 6052 Calendar Week Display

A big, no, huge box was delivered to the Fratello HQ. Now, we often receive large boxes, mainly filled with protective material, but in this huge box was another huge cardboard box. A large wooden box came out, that not only contained the Sinn 6052, but also an additional stainless steel bracelet, screw-driver, extra spring bars, a loupe and a little bottle of loctite. All together, a very impressive ‘kit’ I would say.


I decided to keep the Sinn 6052 on a strap, as that is how I saw it in the Sinn catalogue and how I wanted to wear it. The stainless steel bracelet is very nice though, it is a fine link bracelet that has a concealed clasp.

No Extra Time Zones

Most of the Frankfurt Financial District watches have the common denominator is that they can show at least one second or even third extra time zone. It is a useful complication when mechanical watches people work in the financial industry. However, for this Sinn 6052 reference to the Frankfurt Watch Company uses another question: the calendar is displayed with the week. I remember a few years ago I had a real job with a desk and a Windows PC with all sorts of boring software and I needed to find the occasional weeks. Some people actually work with how to use numbers such as deadlines, appointments, and so on. Even with a few mouse clicks, the Sinne watch like the 6052 would be useful.

Would an extra timezone indicator be useful for the Sinn 6052? Probably, but the dial of the watch would also become very crowded, or cluttered even. Five central hands is a bit much, I believe.


The calendar on the Sinn 6052 is an easy to use – and read – one, with a central hand for the date, apertures for the day and month and a small hand that indicates the week number.

To adjust the weekday , you just have to push the flat button at 10 o’clock. To adjust all other calendar settings, you have to pull the crown into the 2nd position and turn it clockwise for the week adjustment and counter-clockwise for date and month adjustment. Never correct the calendar functions between 9pm and 3am, as the mechanism already engaged and the movement might be damaged if you do so anyway.


Together with the chronograph function of this watch (going up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds), the dial is crowded but still easy to read. The chronograph seconds hand is clearly different from the weekday hand, with the bracket at the end to ‘capture’ the day. The sub dial for the chronograph minutes is located at 12 o’clock, and has two small apertures for the day and month indication. Using black discs and white printed characters, it keeps te black dial very balanced.

Sunburst Dial

Although the specifications of the Sinn 6052 talk about a black-electroplated dial with sunburst decoration, I didn’t see this at first. Perhaps because of the bad lighting conditions in our office, or the fact that it was already a bit darker outside. However, in sunlight and good clear artificial light, there is indeed a sunburst decoration applied to the dial. It gives the watch a classy appeal, and moves it away from the tool-watch signature that most Sinn watches have.

Sinn 6052 Dimensions

When wearing this watch, I noticed that actually worn than the specification stated. The diameter is only 41.5 mm, but due to the small borders and large dial, it seems much larger. The space between the lugs is 22 mm and 14.5 mm thick. Such watches and complications of course need space. It does not wear very thick, but the Sinn 6052 on the wrist is definitely the perfect gift.

Sinn SZ03

This Sinn 6052 is powered by Sinn’s calibre SZ03. This movement, based on the famous ETA/Valjoux 7751, has been modified with a weekly calendar and a 60 minute chronograph counter instead of the default 30 minutes. It is a hack-movement, and uses 26 jewels. Additionally, the calibre SZ03 is compliant to DIN8308 (shock-proof) and DIN8309 (anti-magnetism) standards. The typical Valjoux 775x wobble is also present, which isn’t something I personally fancy, but I know a lot of people love to ‘feel’ the watch on their wrists.


The finish of the movement is nicely done, with perlage and striping on the bridges and plates and blued screws. I love how Sinn put the skyline of Frankfurt on the rotor in gold engraving. It makes sense for this Frankfurt Financial District watch and certainly isn’t too gimmicky. The engraving on the bezel of the caseback is well-balanced, and done in German language. Besides the brands, model’s name and reference number, it indicates that it is water resistant to 10 bar, is made of steel and has a ’52 weeks’ indicator.


Some Thoughts

Sinn 140/142 My sincere love and stability with some other classic watch tools, I know it’s hard to be keen on a more “formal” look like Sinn 6052. I never had a reviewer so I thought I needed to give this platform to deserve it. However, CINI 6052 surprised me a little later, we must know each other a little better, we are absolutely connected. Sinn I did not fall in love with 6052, and will never have any of the Frankfurt financial district, but that’s nice. Wrist watch worn well, it is easy with any clothes you like. Although I have not tried stainless steel bracelets, it will make it look more tough style, making it a perfect companion for more casual wear.

Daily Wearer

That said, I can imagine that the Sinn 6052 can be one’s daily wearer for a long time. It has all necessary complications one needs, including a week number indicator. If you are in an office, perhaps in the finance industry even, it is a welcome function I imagine. A chronograph is always useful, either to time events, the pizza in the oven, traveling etc. What surprised me most is that this watch has a great design, without too much distractions besides all that functionality. The instrumental (or tool) watches by Sinn are often designed by ‘form follows function’ mentality. Although I personally like that, it isn’t always suitable for more formal occasions. This Sinn 6052 is a great allrounder and if you like its style, it might be a watch for you to check-out and try.



Sinn’s retail price in Germany 6052 is 3990 euros. This watch is a fair price, all the complications and considering it has a big box and an extra stainless steel bracelet. It is also a difficult price range, many brands in this 3000-5000 euro category. You can go to small and independent micro-trademarks for the price and join some of the top ten brands. It’s up to you to decide, but I’m sure Sinn says it’s worth it. They have always done it, even though some of their prices have increased a little over the years.