The most popular chronograph watch in the IWC Portugal collection, 30-year-old men’s formal dress top

Speaking of IWC, the most popular ones are the Portuguese series and the pilot series. The Portuguese series is mainly represented by Portuguese seven and Portuguese, and belongs to the role of the Portuguese series. This time I want to explain to you the most classic watches in the Portuguese chronograph “small family”. Let’s take a look. From the overall appearance, I believe everyone has a comprehensive understanding. Let me talk about the difficulty of making it first! In the early stages of production, the new mens mechanical watch from IWC must be used for dismantling, scanning, and making and adjusting molds, because second-hand Portuguese meters have been used for some time, and the accuracy will not be particularly Secondly, it is the production of the dial surface of the watch and the control of the details. Each location will go through countless times of debugging to reach a completely consistent point. The surface of the dial is more rounded, and the texture of the upper and lower sub-disks has also been revised, which is more in line with the original effect of the original watch. The size of the watch case has also been optimized. The three positions of the bezel, middle case and bottom cover have been restored, so that the thickness of the skeleton watch case can reach the same consistency. The current thickness is 12.3mm and the same as the original watch. The thickness of the case also benefits from the customization of the movement. It is equipped with a 79350 movement, which is more in line with the requirements than the 7750 movement on the market.
From the overall appearance, the white dial is paired with blue scales and hands, and at three o’clock is the letter logo of IWC. The function dial of the watch is arranged symmetrically from top to bottom. The 12 o’clock position is the chronograph function dial and the six o’clock position below is the second hand dial during normal travel. At the same time, it also covers half of the 12 and 6 numbers. The distance between the two sub-disks and the center axis and the distance between the tops of the two sides are the same, and it looks very harmonious when kept on a horizontal line. From the side, the lines of the case are very smooth, the polishing and polishing process is very delicate, and it is no less than the original watch. Otherwise, the crown position is in the middle. Although a blue film is attached, it can still be seen clearly. The upper and lower buttons are the start, pause, and reset buttons of the timing function. The start and pause are one button, and the reset button is independent of the crown.