The Rolex Reference 5513 Matte Dial

Rolex Ref. 5513 Matte Dial

This is a Rolex Ref. 5513 Submariner with a matte dial and no-date. It is was produced for a longtime by Rolex (from 1962-1990) and so there are a number of variations between different model years. This is an earlier example from 1967 which has “feet” printed on the dial first (versus “meters” first on the dial), printed hour indexes (versus applied metal indexes) and a matte dial (versus a glossy dial). As far as collectibility and resale, the “meters” first is worth more money.

5513-94110-X2.jpg Rolex 5513 with Tudor 94110 in background

Nevertheless, if you just want a matte dial no-date Submariner that is not outrageously priced and will hold its value, while giving you a great watch to wear — then the 5513 is one of the best options available.

The 5512 is also a good choice, although that will be a bit more expensive. And if you are interested in a matte dial, but prefer to have the date function, then the 1680 and 16800 — the latter of which we reviewed earlier this year — are two excellent options as well.


Expect to pay $5,000 and up for any of the Submariner references mentioned in this article.