The Rolex Yacht-Master 116655-0007: A Review

No opinion comes to mind but a Rolex watch, whether it be a more recent version or a Submariner such as the Yacht-Master, whenever buyers look for a timepiece that can work as a statement piece.

If you happen to be in search of something to specify you, the Yacht-Master, that has variations, is a great option. One of its newest versions is the Ref. 116655-0007 that boasts a luxurious and sophisticated design. However, before we get into that, let’s talk a bit about the history of the Yacht-Master.

The Yacht-Master’s design creation started way back into the 60s. The building of the watch itself was rumoured to have been an effort to upgrade the Submariner. The team at Rolex determined that it would not be a contender on the market. As such, they shelved the layout .

In 1992, the set was finally released to the general public. With a couple tweaks that were unique to its Submariner-like layout and rolex watch became a hit, it quickly elevated to iconic status in Rolex’s catalog.


In 2012, the latest versions of this watch were published, and they stood out for a lot of reasons. For one, the Ref. 116655 comes in two classifications: one with a black face and a single with a face of diamonds that we’ll look at in this report.

Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116655-0007

This model and its counterpart possess such a distinctive design that they practically have turned the traditional Rolex sports watch on its mind. This variant, specifically, has regular case dimension and exactly the same movements. But where it strays from traditional designs is in its own case material.

Most Rolex watches are constructed in stainless steel or gold’s proprietary mix and steel called Everose. However, the Yacht-Master Ref. Than an ordinary sports view 116655-0007 uses a metal that is different thus making it more of a luxury watch.

This feature is one that makes this version stand out from the rest of the pieces that are Yacht-Master that are other. Though still measuring a standard 40mm case in diameter, the material used for the structure is 18kt gold Everose gold that is made up of a proprietary mix of silver and gold that radiates a unique colour. Because though the metal itself has been used on other models, its application on the watch is really a first, this is important.

This watch’s case has all of the designs and styles which watch collectors are familiar with. Most noteworthy is its triple-lock crown which is remarkably water-resistant and consists of glass.

Dial & Bezel
The bezel is just another aspect of the Ref. 116655-0007 that stands outside. It consists of a matte dial made of Cerachrom. Not only that, but indicators and its own numerals are designed using high gloss to comparison the matte blackness of the dial . This is a design for the Yacht-Master watch which in the previous featured numerals and markings which were increased compared to having gloss that is flat stylings.

This variant has a dial which is a brand new feature for your Yacht-Master watch. It is designed with matte in contrast compared to several black dialed watches in the marketplace as mentioned. What’s more, its watch face features a little bling for it and is decked out with diamonds.

Another aspect is the bracelet. Though it seems like a rubber ring in the exterior, it consists of more eye-catching design attributes. The rubber part whereas utilizes a thin use of nickel and titanium itself is durable and flexible blended together in a durable alloy.

Laid over the blades is an elastomer which is meant to help make this opinion comfortable to wear. The addition of this coating works wonders. And though some watch collectors may be sceptical, we guarantee that once you’ve tried it, you will realize its own charm.

Last, this version features a strap. Therefore, it cannot be used on any other Yacht-Master version or Rolex watch.


This version uses the exact same calibre as the iconic Submariner 3135, and so that you can bank on a trusted precision instrument for timekeeping. This motion has been used since the 80s. 31 jewels are used by it and will maintain a power reserve for as much as two days.

One of the greatest things about the motion is its use of this Parachrom hairspring. This mechanism reduces the shock from vibrations in addition to the effect of variations in temperatures and helps maintain balance.

The motion is also highly resistant to corrosion and rust . In fact, it’s COSC-rated and is renowned the world over for its accuracy and endurance.

Overall, the Ref. 116655-0007 is an excellent watch for an exceptional timepiece for anybody who chooses to wear it and any collection.

Water-resistant around 330 ft
Diamond paved watch confront
Chromalight screen
Luminescent everose gold hands and indicators
comes in multiple variations
Overmolded elastic blades with high-grade elastomer ring
How Much Does A Rolex Yacht-Master Price?

As previously mentioned, Rolex expensive watch comes in two classes. The one retails between $47,000 and $43,000 depending on the dealer.