The Ultimate Professional Pilot’s Chronograph

Earlier this month, Breitling launched a technically impressive new digital-analog Pilot’s Chronograph wristwatch. The Breitling Cockpit B50’s coolest feature is the “titling motion activated” backlighting system. A simple tilt of the wrist automatically activates the dial’s backlight so it is readable in all conditions. The caveat, is that you have to recharge it, which is done by plugging into a USB port or traditional electrical socket.


The Breitlng B50 Cockpit Pilot’s watch features an exclusive in-house SuperQuartz movement, the caliber B50. The COSC chronometer certified thermo-compensated caliber is ten times more accurate than a standard quartz.  

Functions include split-time and fly back capabilities, as well as a second time zone display, a perpetual calendar, two alarms in buzzer and/or vibrate mode, a lap timer function and a countdown complete with alarm.

It is also equipped with an electronic tachometer, a countdown/count-up system serving to switch directly from a countdown to a timing operation, as well as an eminently aviation-style “chrono-flight” device which is useful for recording flight times by memorizing departure and arrival times as well as the date. Another notable function is its use of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, the aviation reference time) as the time base, which enables the Cockpit B50 to ensure smooth switching between different time zones.


The B50 is presented in either a natural or black carbon-coated titanium case that measures 46 by 16.45 mm.

According to Breitling, “The Cockpit B50 has an ultra readable display – the two white-on-black liquid crystal (LCD) screens are equipped with a unique backlighting system that offers four levels of brightness and is activated by pressing in the crown or by tilting the wrist.”