These timepieces perfectly express Chopard’s casual style

This Chopard Happy Sport version features an 18K rose gold case that’s embellished with white diamonds. Enclosed within the case is really a mother-of-pearl dial that shimmers in the light. The 30mm watch face features Roman numerals and hands in gold. Meanwhile, is a strap in alligator leather, complete with an 18K rose gold pin buckle, that completes this watch’s ensemble. In the center of the enchanting timepiece is a Chopard 09.01-C motion. This self-winding mechanical motion provides the promise of precision and reliability that Chopard is known for. With its finesse and refined design, this watch can win the hearts of women.
A moon three gold stars along with a 18K rose gold sunshine whirl and dancing together with the blue dial. The vibrant color represents how Venice’s waters reflect the starry night sky. The glossy alligator strap comes in a matching shade of blue which complements the dial. This view evokes a playful and lively soul with deep-blue tone and its dance elements. Therefore, it would surely be a joy to wear. Enchanting and elegant, this timepiece can catch the joys of women who yearn for a romantic Venice escape.
Chopard Happy Sport Hearts Adding free-spinning gems alongside diamond-set hearts, the Chopard Happy Sport Hearts is a watch created for the romantics. Its tiny hearts twist and swirl along with a pure white dial that is glowing and shimmers. Apart from that, there are increased gold hands that move. Encircling the delicate elements is an 18K rose gold bezel. This watch features a matte white strap, to top it off. In effect, it brings rose gold watch and white together to create perfect balance. Without doubt, this charming and lovely timepiece that is 36mm speaks into the sentimentalist in all of us.