Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Night time Express Watch – And 43′ Boat!


It involves the timepiece industry, watch launches really are a not unusual occurrence. This time around of the year, we almost hit a shame of riches for the reason that regard, with SIHH kicking things off, after which BaselWorld approaching later this month. I am unable to think about every other watch launch, however, that coincided using the launch of the boat – but that’s just what we’ve using the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Night time Express and Night time Express 43′ Open model.


The initial question you may request is a straightforward one: why? Why would Ulysse Nardin are thinking about creating the official powerboat? The solution begins off pretty simply: just have a look in the Ulysse Nardin logo design using its prominent anchor. This can be a tribute towards the history the company has with marine chronometry – getting been a leading maker of highly accurate clocks is really a history any brand could be proud to demonstrate. Now, if you’re a company which has an interest in the ocean, working on your own official boat just appears just like a natural – although, more reasonably speaking, possibly a little unlikely – step. And, if you’re a luxury brand like Ulysse Nardin, well, then you definitely finish up creating something which is appropriate for your brand.


This venture began off as you thanks to simple closeness. Night time Express relies in Florida, not even close to where several Not boutiques are situated (the united states headquarters of Ulysse Nardin isn’t that far either), therefore it was simple for the businesses to understand one another. Night time Express is definitely an impressive powerboat manufacturer, getting in new technology and innovative designs to push the along, greatly like Ulysse Nardin has been doing once they made a decision to be, not only an earlier adopter, but a lot more: they are among the first designers from the silicium escapement. Ultimately, it had been the romance from the open water and also the drive to innovate that introduced the 2 brands together.


While focus on this collaboration was stored pretty quiet (a minimum of within the watch world), the curtain was lifted around the goings-on around the opening day’s the Miami Boat Show in mid-Feb. While the majority of the press there is local and, typically, clearly boating-oriented, aBlogtoWatch was present because the exclusive watch-oriented outlet to pay for the launch. Even though I had been there to talk to the company concerning the watch as well as their extended collection, I wish to begin speaking concerning the boat.

When you initially begin to see the console, the attention is attracted to 3 large screens, however you see there’s something circular on finishes from the console. After I got a little closer, I saw that there have been really watch winders mounted there, one on every side. It was the crowning touch that actually place the boat outrageous for me personally. While the majority of us most likely possess a winder in your own home to help keep things running, I doubt anybody get one mounted within our cars. To haven’t one, but two, focused on a ship, well, it certainly cements the ties towards the watch world.


If you will find watch winders, which means there have to be watches occur them. With this launch, there exists a new version from the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver, that has been personalized just like the boat has. Once we spoken about this here, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver line has already established a facelift within the last six several weeks approximately, which new Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Night time Express Edition follows along that very same path. Probably the most noticeable changes with this 100-piece special edition would be to the dial embossing. Instead of while using waves which are around the standard line, we rather begin to see the Night time Express logo design repeating over the dial.


This really is something which Ulysse Nardin has been doing a great deal: they’d another special models from the Marine Diver available, and dial embossing would be a consistent change made, making the piece unique to that particular release. No matter the embossing, it truly is an attractive shade of blue the company uses around the dial. As I did my favorite to capture it within the photos, this really is something you should see personally if you’re able to. Further modifications display in the sub-seconds dial, in which the Night time Express logo design seems again – colored, this time around around – and there’s another logo design that’s almost hiding in plain sight around the dial.

That might be, obviously, the amount 7 in red-colored at, well, the 7 o’clock position. That might be in recognition of Seven Marine, who develops the 4 motors which are mounted onto the rear of the boat. The final specific branding change turns up around the solid links that show up on the rubber strap: one maintains the Not logo design, while the one which the individual will most generally see sports the Night time Express logo design. Talking about the strap, what we should were proven would be a fast rubber with whitened racing straps, which looked rather sharp. While they weren’t presented here, there apparently is a whitened rubber strap provided too.


There is also a handful of more changes made to this unique edition, too. Round the caseback, you own an engraving in the boat turning up, as well as, the plaque to the side of the problem will represent what number the watch is within the edition, the primary one i had been handling stood a number greater than 100 this simply represented the run for the prototype. Last, but most notoriously, there is a rather different color plan for the indices and make contact with. This last little detail – blue stripes running lower the center of the indices and make contact with – further allows you to set this unique edition besides the “commonInch Marine Diver, additionally to each other exclusive edition versions you may encounter.

For me personally, it was the very first time which i saw the Ulysse Nardin collection close up – and there is a broader selection open to handle, because the pictures attest. For that Marine Diver, however, it was a specific treat. I’ve handled many divers in the last couple of years, and most of them will verge for the direction to be very utilitarian, tool-style watches. That, by itself, could be a very positive thing. Sometimes, though, you actually could choose a dressier watch which will handle what you’ll throw in internet marketing throughout each day say, skimming over the waves at 100 miles per hour. This dressier undertake the dive watch category does indeed appear to become a distinctive element for Ulysse Nardin.