What should I do if the newly bought watch belt is very hard?

Sports watches can be worn by both men and women as a kind of decoration. A good watch can show one’s taste when worn on the wrist, but when wearing a new watch, the strap of the watch will be too strong phenomenon. On the one hand, the watch band is too hard, on the one hand, it will destroy the shape of the watch, and on the other hand, it will wear the skin of the wrist part in daily activities.


Therefore, if the watch band is too hard, you can choose some methods to make it soft. The newly bought mechanical watch belt is very hard and how to break it. The newly bought watch belt is very hard. This is actually a normal phenomenon, which just shows that the watch strap material is genuine leather. Personally, I understand that the watch belt is very hard because the watch belt is placed straight when the watch is produced to the moment the consumer gets the watch, so it will be slightly harder for the first time or new watch belt. Of course, the material of the watch belt will also be affected.


How to maintain a newly purchased watch belt, how to maintain a newly purchased back belt. As a frequently used accessory in daily life, how to maintain a watch belt is indeed a problem. After all, in daily life, it is inevitable that there will be bumps or friction with other things. Watch straps are particularly easy to scratch in these cases, so everyone remember that watch straps should not be placed with sharp items. . The problem with the maintenance of new watch belts is that the first one must be careful not only to scratch, but the second one should be careful not to touch the belt. Leather products are relatively squeamish, and they can easily become moldy when they touch water, which can damage the cortex. Therefore, in summer, the weather is hot, and it is best not to wear a watch with a belt when there is more sweating.