White Casio Classic G-Shock


I received the Casio G-Shock Classic White DW6900FS-8 in the mail last week and have had some time to wear it around and get a basic impression. As usual I will make it very short. The adjustable buckle on the strap is very easy to use, although the material is not quite “natural rubber” quality, it is comfortable enough. The stop watch function is easy to use as are all other functions. This is a very basic “Classic” so it does not have Atomic timepkeeping, Altimeter, Barometer or any of the other high-tech G-Shock features.

What it does have is a very unique and recognizable style that is hard not to like. Almost every time I wear it out I receive a compliment on the style or the color. People, including myself, really like the white color. It goes better with short-sleeve shirts, as the case is a massive 53.2 x 50.0 x 16.3mm, and has hard time fitting under a long-sleeve shirt. It is also great for the beach or pool, because it is very durable and is water resistant to 660 feet.

If you want a really cheap, $89 retail, durable wristwatch to wear around the pool or beach this summer, you might want to consider this. BUY NOW