The World’s Most luxury Watch: Patek Philippe



patek-philippeWhen watch the devil said, the price is not on the heritage of the clock and watch, chances are they not experienced such auctions.

Swiss watchmaker, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) just hit the world’s most expensive watch. Phillips Bacs&Russo auction in Geneva on Saturday, stainless steel patek philippe Ref. 1518 calendar and timing clock striking 11,002,000 Swiss francs – roughly $14693529 Australian dollars – about AU$14,693,529.

The 1518 timepiece is a special one. It was built in 1941, only believe that four pieces were made. In this particular example to seven attracted high-profile buyers, they are scrambling to make a watch, is considered to be a watchmakers in the world the first calendar timing clock.

The record was taken from the previous record holder, the Patek Philippe Ref. 5016 which went for around the AU$9,800,000 mark at an auction last year.