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  • A Padani moments interview with the chief watch designer of BVLGARI

    Fabrizio Buonamassi’s job is particularly challenging — because the individual responsible for the BVLGARI watch designs, he juggles the need for invention and the preserving the brand’s tradition, together with the Italian talent for design and Swiss know-how and technology capacity. The watches are created in Switzerland. He asked him about his job, about BVLGARI […]

  • The perfect relationship between Breitling and Bentley

    Breitling and Bentley’s partnership has been a winning mix since day one. The next year, the Swiss watchmaker unveiled a special edition’Bentley Le Mans’ watch to commemorate the car manufacture’s win at the 2003 Le Mans car race. The two companies later awakened to create Breitling for Bentley — Breitling-produced timepieces inspired by the famous […]

  • Luxury watch recommended: Piaget Altiplano Celebrates 60 Years with New Limited Editions


    2017 is the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of Piaget Altiplano, which is a breakthrough watch for men, but the price is amazing, first appeared in 1957, and contains the world’s thinnest mechanical movement Caliber 9P. In January of SIHH 2017, Piaget launched two limited edition Altiplano watch, to commemorate the milestone in the world […]

  • The World’s Most luxury Watch: Patek Philippe


      When watch the devil said, the price is not on the heritage of the clock and watch, chances are they not experienced such auctions. Swiss watchmaker, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) just hit the world’s most expensive watch. Phillips Bacs&Russo auction in Geneva on Saturday, stainless steel patek philippe Ref. 1518 calendar and timing clock […]

  • Luxury Watch – Patek Philippe Minute Repeaters’ Ten Facts

    Listed below are ten facts about Patek Philippe Minute Repeaters. 1- In Sept 1839, Patek Philippe made their first quarter repeater, which sold for 450 CHF. 2- The world’s first self-winding minute repeater wristwatch (Ref. 3979) was produced by Patek Philippe in 1989. 3- Patek Philippe minute repeaters are produced in both the Vallée de Joux […]

  • Watch Recommended : Three New Rolex Yacht-Masters

    The most luxury watch, in Germany

    Let’s get to know these three new Rolex watch. With that said, Rolex also quietly introduced a new dial on the steel and platinum (Rolesium) Yacht-Master as well. The new dial is dark rhodium (gray) and includes an aqua-blue lacquered seconds hand and printed text that reads “Yacht-Master” in the same shade of blue, which […]

  • Reviewing Visconti Abyssus Scuba Urban Camo 2016

    Let’s get to know Visconti Abyssus Scuba Urban Camo. The Abyssus professional dive watch collection was the first collection, and according to the company they have, “won the approval of such professional experts as the CNS, Italy’s National Diver Centre, forging close professional ties with the centre in the development of its monobloc Scuba Abissus 3.000 […]

  • Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 5230 – Baselworld 2016

    The new timepiece has a number of subtle changes, including a new time zone dial, a slightly redesigned case, and new hands.  This year at Baselworld, luxury watch Patek Philippe debuted a new World Time watch (Ref. 5230), available in white or rose gold, replacing all previous models. Dubai now supplants Riyadh and Brisbane replaces […]

  • Watch Reviewing : The Clerc Hydroscaph

    Watch Reviewing : The Clerc Hydroscaph

    Most watch lovers can recognize a diving watch, even if only to watch the emergence of a few seconds from the cuff. Bezel is a typical gift, but a watch brand can more easily identify: name, DNA and everywhere. Watch wrote monochrome Swiss brand Clare square peg into a round through the hole, the unique […]

  • The New Watch Arrival:Oris Divers Sixty-Five Watch With Grey and‘Deauville Blue’ Dial

    The New Watch Arrival:Oris Divers Sixty-Five Watch With Grey and‘Deauville Blue’ Dial

    In response to the praise of the media and buyers positive praise, Oris think we can expand the line with new divers sixty-five models are equipped with fine vintage shades of gray and blue dial. With milder than black dial compatriots attraction, this new Oris Divers of sixty-five by luxury holiday scene around the French […]

  • 3 Sign Prove Chopin Is Seriously Advanced Watchmaking

    3 Sign Prove Chopin Is Seriously Advanced Watchmaking

       Chopard   is a brand still known more for high jewelry than high horology, which is devoted to making its mark on the men’s luxury watch market. Here are 3 reasons why. 1. Chopard has three facilities, in two Swiss watchmaking cities, devoted to making its watches. Chopard’s main headquarters is in Meyrin, near […]