Zenith takes Indy for the first Brickyard Invitational

The weekend began with a dinner and cocktail reception with Zenith. On Saturday, we headed to the track for a full day of festivities. When we arrived at the Zenith suite, we watched the first few circuit races and had lunch.  Last weekend, Zenith Watches, along with event sponsor SVRA took over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) for a weekend of vintage car racing. Professional Watches was fortunate enough to get an invite to the festivities.

Afterward, we took a tour of gasoline alley and the pits to get an idea of what cars we’d see on the circuit. I was shocked to see such a wide range of vehicles. From a vintage 1911 car driven at Indy, a vintage 1988 Oldsmobile Skoal NASCAR, a 1960s Indycar, and all the way up to modern muscle cars. The SVRA was well represented by it’s members.


The main event of the weekend was the ProAm race. Where an Indy legend (i.e. a drive that has raced at or won an event at IMS) partnered with a car owner to race vintage 1960 Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, and Cobra in a 45 min race. The pits were full of some true Indy legends, from Al Unser Jr to Roberto Guerrero. The race was exhilarating to watch. Paul Tracy (driver) and Gary Moore (owner) ended up winning the ProAM race in their Mustang GT350. Zenith was the official timekeeper of the race and presented the winning driver/owners with a limited edition Zenith SVRA El Primero Chronograph (100 pieces), which we previously covered here.

We capped off the weekend with a drive around a road course in Jaguar’s new F-type.

Thanks to Zenith Watches, SVRA, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the hospitality and enjoyable weekend at the track.















Images: Chris Shaw