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  • Bell & Ross BR 03-94 RS17 Chronograph

    Bell & Ross

    Expected this watch and jewelry, Bell & Ross introduced the new BR 03 – 94 RS17 chronograph, an exquisite new watch to celebrate the brand ‘s ongoing partnership with the Renault f1 sports team. The new bell & ross br 03-94 RS17 was announced as part of the trilogy later in this piece later this […]

  • Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horograph & Horolum Watches


    In 2017, you’ll see more styles to choose from Bell & Ross’s most well-known design, Wearable Size. Introduced before Basel, Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horograph is the French brand German-minimalist Bauhaus Design School, while Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horolum about classic Bell & Rose emphasizes lume. Not bad is that these new Bell […]

  • Skillfully Mixing & Matching Watch Designs With The Watch_Brotherss


    “Watch_Brotherss” is a combination of practical observations from Hong Kong designers doing some art interesting and worthy of discussion. What they do is use Photoshop and design techniques to incorporate a variety of watch models. They like the form of hybrid design ranging from cool, hoping to be very strange and thought-provoking. I interviewed them […]

  • Top 8 Pilots Watches From the 2016 Swiss Watch Fairs


    In 2016 is coming to an end, we are ready to launch a new watch in Geneva in January 2017 to see SIHH fair – we recall some of the most famous clocks in this year launched the SIHH piece, in some popular categories. Today, we are concerned about eight well-known pilots and aviation-affected watches, […]

  • High Quality Bell & Ross BR-X1 Hyperstellar

    The Hyperstellar takes the aviation theme of the BR-X1 collection a step further, by marketing it as “An Innovative Chronograph Designed to Conquer Space.” The BR-X1 line is inspired by aviation, and the “X1” designation is in reference to famous test pilot Chuck Yeager, who was the first to break the speed of sound, reaching […]

  • Bell & Ross BR01 Airborne

    Bell & Ross BR01 Airborne

    The striking skull-and-crossbones dial on the Bell & Ross BR01 Airborne is based on the patches worn by American paratroopers of World War II, who wore it on their uniforms as a defiant symbol of courage in the face of death. The skull on the dial is coated with Super-LumiNova so that it glows in […]

  • Watch Review: BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon

    Watch Review: BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon

    Bell & Ross designed the unique timepieces to only watch witha its signature under 46 mm case, from a unique bronze crafted. The alloy, which consists of (92%) of copper and tin (8%), with micro-sandblasting finish and will get a beautiful vintage patina over time. In addition, at the top of the dial sits a […]

  • Review:BR03-92 Movements

    Review:BR03-92 Movements

    I’m seeking clarity on the movements used in BR03-92, be it PVD, Ceramic, Limited editions etc. The reason i’m asking is because previously i bought a BR03-92 PVD for my wife, and i was convinced that it is an ETA 2892 inside as i always remembered  Bell & Ross using only ETA in their BR03 […]

  • World War Watches Two Legendary Watch Design

    bell ross1

    Throughout world history some watch designs have risen above their original purpose being retro classics. Among the finest good examples of these designs are individuals from the legendary World War watches, the B-Uhr and also the A-11. The B-Uhr was the development of German and Swiss watchmakers and it was commissioned for those infamous missions […]

  • John Mayer on Watches My Ideas Around The Bell & Ross BR126 Chronograph, By John Mayer


    Earlier this November I’d the rare chance to sit down around the jury from the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie p Genève. For just one day, myself and 22 other far-more-qualified watch enthusiasts carefully examined 71 watches in 14 groups, spanning the whole world of the watchmaking industry in the $3,100 non-complication Tudor Black Bay to some […]

  • Bell and Ross Automatic BR02-92 Carbon


    An ideal watch will invariably deliver sophistication and elegance– which watch from Bell and Ross brings you simply that. This Gents’ watch can certainly be an awe-striking piece when you lay eyes on there. Having a Rotating (diver time) bezel, this beauty signifies thorough craftsmanship. The Pvd-finished stainless situation that encloses this piece’s mechanism can […]

  • Bell & Ross BR 123 GMT 24H Watch Hands-On


    You are able to refer to it as unoriginal or refer to it as derivative, however I still enjoy the brand new Bell & Ross BR 123 GMT 24H watch. Being an “inspired” design fueled by historic sport watches this really is another well-curated treat in the French watch manufacturing company. There’s no making your […]