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  • Top Famous Gold Watches

    Top 5 Most Popular Watches

    You may have noticed that our “Fratello” articles focus mainly on watches with stainless steel or titanium cases – and a select few with more exotic case materials such as forged carbon and bronze — and that we rarely cover gold watches. Not only can gold watches come off as too “flashy” for some, but […]

  • Omega Review – Olympic Timing

    Omega Review - Olympic Timing

    Omega manufactured its first chronograph in 1898, and within 10 years, the timepieces had been used to measure time at more than 16 sporting competitions. After winning 1st place in all six categories at the 1931 Geneva Observatory trials, Omega’s reputation for accuracy led the International Olympic Committee to appoint Omega as the official timekeeper […]

  • A Growth of Actions Omega 2500 & 8500 Calibers


    The Omega Quality 2500 was produced by Omega inside the 19 nineties. In 1993, Omega bought the patent for your Co-Axial escapement from British master watchmaking company and inventor George Daniels. The Co-Axial Escapement was the initial practical new mechanical watch escapement invented for commercially made in 250 years. Omega began attempt to fit the […]

  • In-Depth – Vintage Omega Constellation Watches


    Vintage Omega Constellation The vintage Omega Constellation might be the timepiece that basically started everything personally. The fervor for watches that’s. Numerous relatives of mine had (and possess) an Omega Constellation plus it were these watches that got me considering watches to start with. I inherited a enjoyable vintage Omega Constellation from 1968 that people […]

  • Omega-Globemaster-Co-Axial-Master-Chronometer-hands-on


    For 2015, Omega continues to release exciting new watches that are inspired (often directly) by their own history while also serving to debut new technologies or features that make these modern watches so exciting to enthusiasts. The brand new Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer is something that requires a lot to fully explain, but few […]